COVID-19 case numbers continue to climb in Park County, resulting in more short-staffed businesses.

A positive COVID test in a family member of one of the city’s summer after school programs – Kids on the Move at the Rec Center – led to the cancellation of the final week of the program.

On Saturday afternoon, Park County Public Health Officer Dr. Aaron Billin announced there were 83 active cases of the virus, up from 75 last Wednesday. The majority are Cody residents.

After a recent high of 10 patients last week, county hospitals are currently housing seven COVID patients, including five at Cody Regional Health.

“Active cases and hospitalizations in Park County and Wyoming are the highest they have been since January,” Billin said. “Viral transmission is up significantly due to variant cases predominantly among the unvaccinated.”

Park County’s vaccination rate is 36.8%.

Billin said the county has moved to the color code of red in the Wyoming Department of Health’s database, indicating high transmission levels.

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Viv McCord

Does this mean this mean eligible for eviction moratorium? ( free rent)

John Potter

I had heard the usual liberal "horror stories" about people suffering from COVID-19, and even supposedly dying, but I hadn't really realized how tragic the situation was until I read your breaking news about local businesses suffering staff shortages. I'm praying as hard as I can that the Enterprise doesn't lose any advertising revenue.

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