Glenn Nielson

Glenn Nielson

With a goal of making health care more affordable, Glenn Nielson is running for the West Park Hospital Board of Trustees.

“I believe Wyoming has a health care cost problem,” he said. “We have the highest–or second-highest based on various studies–cost per month for health care plans of any state in the country. Because of the need to focus on affordability, I have been asked by various community members to run for the board.”

Nielson is one of two candidates running for the at-large seat on the board.

“I think West Park Hospital has a strong focus on physician quality and recruitment, along with facility quality, but I feel the board has not given affordability the attention it needs,” he said. 

Nielson was born at West Park Hospital and is the president and chairman of Y-Tex. He and his wife have six children and raise cattle, horses and chickens.

He is also a Forward Cody executive board member and serves on the Wyoming Business Coalition on Health. He is a former member of the Associated Employers Health Trust Board.

“I managed a self-funded health plan – we’ve been one of the first in the state to implement Referenced Based Pricing in effort to mitigate soaring health costs,” he said. “We’ve analyzed company specific and statewide data to learn about pricing and cost comparisons throughout the state and country.”

He was elected to the Cody City Council in 2016, but decided not to run for another term this year.

“I’ve learned a great deal and gained much appreciation for the efforts of city staff within the framework they have to operate and I’m more interested in enhancements to that framework, which I felt we could not fully execute within the city itself,” he said. 

During his time on the council, he said he gained a better understanding of public entities as well as an appreciation for transparency and the need to involve the public in decision making processes.  

“Working as a council member has also increased my attention to the customer or client along with private industry experience,” he said. “I feel that many public entities are not listening to their customers and that creates friction and issues.”

If elected, he’d also like to focus on customer attention and experience and the quaity of local care along with affordability. 

“I think we can all agree that our household health care costs are now creeping beyond the average mortgage cost for an average family,” he said. “Overall, I think we can do better.”

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