More Park County residents are dying after contracting COVID.

The Wyoming Department of Health reported two men and one women in Park County died of the virus in either August or September – one had been previously reported at the county level.

Since the pandemic began, 41 county residents have died in relation to the virus. It was not reported whether or not any of the three who died had been vaccinated, but the CDC reports that nationwide unvaccinated people are 17 times more likely to be hospitalized for COVID.

Locally, more people have been hospitalized for COVID in the last few weeks than at any point since the winter surge.

There are only two open ICU beds in Park County hospitals as of Tuesday according to data reported to the state, and 17 COVID patients are currently hospitalized in county hospitals.

At Cody Regional Health, 10 COVID patients are hospitalized and, as of Tuesday morning, four of six ICU beds were filled. There were 156 active cases in Park County as of Tuesday.

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Mike Johnson

The miracle covid cure Ivermectin and its suppression by Big Medical, Big Media & Big Government:

Mike Johnson

Covid is easy to cure if treatment starts immediately when symptoms appear. What is killing people is obeying the “approved authorities” advice to quarantine and do nothing until the virus overwhelms your immune system, requiring hospitalization.

If you're hospitalized due to covid, it’s the local, state and national “approved experts” who caused that with bad advice. You waited too long to start the safe & effective early treatment protocols that have been purposely hidden from you.

These protocols were written by 50+ credentialed front line doctors. They have gotten spectacular results. These protocols were censored because the real goal is not to stop covid, but to get a poisonous, experimental injection into every arm.

These protocols use Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin to get zinc into cells. Zinc stops the replication of the virus before it gets out of control. Vitamins D and C are also part of this protocol to boost immune systems. They can be used as prevention and/or treatment. Here are the early treatment/prevention protocols:

If you can’t get your doctor to write a prescription for Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin, Quercetin (over-the-counter) works half as well to get the zinc inside. Zinc and vitamins D & C are also sold without a prescription at any health food or grocery store. See the highly-credentialed doctor’s home treatment video here:

I have sent these early treatment/prevention protocols to this newspaper numerous times. If you haven’t heard of them, I suggest you ask the publisher why they have been kept from you.

Be careful who you trust. Study MANY experts. Do your own research. Become your own expert. The mainstream "approved experts" have been wrong about every aspect of this covid calamity since the beginning.

Matt Winslow

I’m not sure those are actually “early treatment/prevention protocols.” That publication is by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, which is a politically-aligned organization referred to as “fringe “ and accused of misinformation. The other link is to an opinion piece on a political website.

This is known as confirmation bias, which just means that we tend to accept information that confirms out existing beliefs and reject information that conflicts with them. We can dredge the bowls of the internet to find a crank saying anything. However, when it comes to healthcare protocols (and journalistic standards) statements must meet standards of reliability. In science, that is done through peer review and testing.

Medicine is not something we can figure out for ourselves on the internet. If you don’t trust the CDC and FDA, why would you trust a politician, cable news commentator or stranger on the internet with your healthcare. How about talking to your doctor. If you trust them to manage your blood pressure, check your cholesterol, and sort out your illnesses and injuries, why not trust them to help you make a good decision about not getting sick, or getting others sick, with COVID-19?

Viv McCord

Another smug lecture. Country folk have been treating themselves since time began, and yes we use what is working that we have on hand like livestock medications. So tell me again why you are vaccinated but can still catch covid? Doesn't this mean that your vaccination does not work? Then explain why I should take one since they work so well. If you are vaccinated but can still infect others how is that holier than unvaccinated? Aren't you spreading infection to others?

Mitch Asay

Your politically aligned show me the science Mr Winslow show the science

Matt Winslow

It's okay to have questions about COVID-19, the vaccines, and masks. The best people to ask these questions of are our primary care physicians. This is not a radical suggestion, and should not inspire an emotional or aggressive response.

Charles Johnson

This is all a bunch of junk. Read guidance from actual doctors from the American Medical Association or the Center for Disease Control. Better yet, go talk to a primary care physician you trust and ask them for their honest opinion rather than taking medical advice from some random person in the online comments.... Long story short is that if you get vaccinated, you won't even need to take dewormer since you won't get sick in the first place.

It looks like this post got its strategy right from Phil Valentine's playbook, a radio host who was "pumping Vitamin D and Ivermectin" like crazy after he got Covid. He died two weeks ago....

Viv McCord

You do realize that you ARE a random person on the internet, right? So your advice that if I get vaccinated I won't get sick in the first place is your medical advice. You're right, I won't take it.

Justin Smith

This is lying, and its 100% not okay for the Cody Enterprise to be printing nonsense with people telling other people to take cow de-wormer.

Viv McCord

You mean the anti-parasitic that is prescribed to every Afghan and any other migrant coming across the border? I guess you are implying that your beloved regime is trying to eradicate those immigrants?

Viv McCord

I would appreciate more transparency here, tell us who died, and if they were unvaccinated or vaccinated and their ages, please

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