Ashlee Lundvall

The Big Horn Basin’s new Game and Fish Commissioner has spent the last few decades working to expand access to hunting and fishing.

Ashlee Lundvall, of Cody, has been an advocate for and founder of programs to expand access to the outdoors, especially for those with disabilities, spurred by a ranching accident in 1999 that left her in a wheelchair. That hasn’t stopped her, as she’s fished and hunted all over and helped others do the same.

Now, Lundvall wants to help in yet another capacity.

“It is an honor to be named as a Wyoming Game and Fish Commissioner,” she said. “I look forward to serving Wyoming wildlife, habitats and its citizens over the next six years. I love the outdoors and I have found a lot of healing there, so I am passionate about protecting it for generations to come.”

She replaces David Rael of Cowley, who previously represented the region. Commissioners serve as the policy-making board of the G&F Department and are responsible for the direction and supervision of the G&F Director. They provide flexible system of control, propagation, management, protection and regulation of all wildlife in Wyoming.

Commissioners have been meeting monthly, although Lundvall missed a chance to attend her first meeting at home when the March meeting in Cody was canceled. The commissioners hold the next meeting April 19-21 in Jackson.

“I am excited to work with the other commissioners, the Game and Fish Department, and the public to keep Wyoming accessible and healthy,” she said.

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