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City council discuss awarding Lot 103 of Benny's Place to Musser Bros., Inc, during its Feb. 21 meeting.

The Cody City Council narrowly rejected awarding an .87 acre lot previously owned by the Yellowstone Regional Airport to Musser Bros. Inc., despite finding owner Harold Musser did nothing illegal.

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Randy Musser

What a dog & pony show! The mayor really showed his lack of leadership in this process. So, they thought there would be only one logical bidder...DUH! Why would they expect that? That appears what they were hoping for, so if they had only the one bidder, they would have accepted the bid and thought they had done a great service! WRONG!! This was a sham promoted by the Mayor himself! Perhaps he was going to receive something under the table? Who knows!

J. Falls

The high bid did not pass the smell test. The Musser cabal should rejoice, since the high bidder was trying to say that this parcel was a wortless property with, what, only 2/10 of an acre usable land?, there should be a sigh of relief that they don't have to pay for this land

Matt Banks

A whole bunch of people caught that comment that was used to downplay the parcel of land. Why would someone want the property so bad if it's basically worthless? The councils decision should be considered a 'get out of a bad purchase free' card

Randy Miller

While I love to see the big guy knocked to the ground on occasion, I agree with your point. A bid process really only works when there are 2 or more bidders. To start off this sale and only plan on one bidder is odd, well, plain wrong. It takes 2 to tangle and set a market price. One lone bidder, which apparently the City was anticipating, doesn't accomplish anything in discovery of true value

Justin Smith

Do you have evidence the mayor received a bribe? After reading your shameful diatribe of immaturity, it sounds like they made the right decision.

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