After sitting empty and unfinished since Lannett halted construction two years ago, Cody Laboratories on Road 2AB will finally see completion.

But the property surrounded by chain-link fence in Cody’s North Industrial Park will not serve as a production facility for generic prescription painkillers as originally intended. Instead, Kanye West plans to use the abandoned facility to manufacture his Yeezy clothing and shoe brands, according to revised commercial site plans.

On Tuesday, in a 5-0 vote, the City of Cody Planning and Zoning Board approved modified plans for the Yeezy Apparel manufacturing conversion submitted by Engineering Associates. Serving as consulting engineers and surveyors, the Cody firm represented Yeezy Apparel along with Forward Cody and Cody Labs, owners of the adjoining property formerly intended for Cody Labs at 119 and 125 Road 2AB.

A Yeezy spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for more information about the Yeezy Apparel manufacturing plans such as number of employees, expected start date and types of apparel manufactured. 

Yeezy site plans, though, specify 51 paved parking spaces, two of which are ADA spaces. 

According to a written P&Z agenda summary by Todd Stowell, city planner, parking spaces are based on number of employees. 

“As growth occurs, the parking area could be expanded to the east,” he wrote.

Move to Cody

West is a 43-year-old Grammy-winning singer-songwriter, record producer, composer, entrepreneur and fashion designer. 

In 2019, his Yeezy fashion company partnered with German sportswear brand Adidas to make shoes. More recently, West announced a partnership with Gap, an American worldwide clothing and accessories retailer. 

In November, West said he would move the headquarters of his billion-dollar shoe and clothing company to West Lake, the former 4,000-acre Monster Lake Ranch south of Cody directly off the Meeteetse Highway.

Yeezy headquarters had been in Calabasas, Calif., home to West and his wife Kim Kardashian West, an American reality star, socialite, model and businesswoman. The couple have four young children.

When West announced the move, he said he would eventually move his company’s manufacturing to the U.S.; however, he did not specify plans to manufacture his Yeezy brand in Cody.

Yeezy Apparel, a limited liability company, was filed with the Wyoming Secretary of State on Dec. 9.  It’s one of four Yeezy LLCs in Wyoming.

Yeezy conversion

P&Z members review site plans for the outside of a commercial building, and board approval clears the way for the city to issue a building permit.

According to Engineer Associates’ Yeezy Cody Phase 1 plans, the interconnected Cody Labs buildings are labeled for production and production support. There’s a production corridor and shipping area and a receiving dock attached to Forward Cody’s warehouse.

Much of the Cody Labs design will be followed with some changes so the site fits Yeezy’s use of the facility. Approved site work will mainly consist of landscaping, outside concrete, gravel roads and driveways and an asphalt parking lot. 

“The site plan modifications primarily relate to removal of items that are not needed for the new use, rearranging parking and utilities, and slightly modified site grading,” reads Stowell’s summary report. 

An extension to the front of the building originally intended for offices is no longer proposed. Instead, Yeezy offices will go inside the structure. 

“It seems to me the heavy lifting was done when Cody Labs was built,” Richard Jones, P&Z member, said. “This is just adjustments to make (new) conditions fit.”

A narrative by Engineering Associates civil engineer Bret Reed says Yeezy Apparel has retained Cushing Terrell Architects – with a Billings office – and Groathouse Construction in Cody to finish construction of the Cody Labs building and site on Road 2AB.

(15) comments

Jim Jones

Can someone please translate the comments of Whatsup and Wyoming resident? Anybody?

Wyoming resident

So big deal. Who really cares about him.😂

For love of Cody

Anyone who thinks he has ANY genuine interest for anyone other than himself are sadly mistaken! He wrongly took a government l9an meant for small strughling businesses. He is only in Wyoming to pocket more profit and make sure he throws his weight around town bc of his money, and theyll let him do it! Kanye West is the LAST thing Cody "needs"...They've already been harassing the widlife on the lake, all their media attn, clueless and ignorant selfishness will only ruin this town and its beauty!! Bringing the likes of the Kardashian/West's to Cody, is all bad for this town and this state!!!


Don't hold your breath Cody

Duel Akins

2nd headline, in a year from now: Kanye followed through on exactly nothing and is now a bad memory here in Cody"

Jim Jones

What's with all the negativity? Kanye West (and his Yeezy) brand has a proven track record. His balance sheet and annual sales are probably better than every other business in Cody combined including the Cody Walmart. West was serious enough to fork over a lot of money for the Monster Lake property and has purchased a commercial property on Big Horn Avenue. He's submitted plans for a 52,000 square foot home. Why is he doing all this? Because California is a garbage heap with very high taxes. California income tax is 10%. We don't have a state income tax, so he will save $100,000 on every $1 million dollars he and his wife earn every year. You might want to look up how much money the Wests made last year. Moving to Cody will save them millions every year. West says he wants to move jobs from China to the USA. That's really hard if your making cheap products that sell for a few dollars each. His Yeeezy brand shoes and clothing sell for big bucks and that means he can afford to pay more for American labor and still make a profit. West is a lower risk proposition than any business brought here by Forward Cody. This is not James Klessons selling band instruments and uniforms to the parents of kids in Cody (look up that reference - The Music Man). If he only builds his house he will put millions of dollars into the local economy. I fear your problem with Kanye may be more base than his business interests.

Wyoming resident

He should stay in California where he belongs to be with his type of people.


Next headline, "Cody Is For Sale; Town Sells Its Soul."


Cody's all about the money but he hasn't produced any just bought a ranch for 14 million dollars that qualifies you to become a citizen of Wyoming in less than a year I wouldn't hold my breath

Jim Jones

You prefer an abandoned monument to Jim Klessens / Forward Cody? What's wrong with you? Cody needs businesses to generate tax revenue to pay for everything from cops to schools to the potholes on the street in front of your house. Fewer businesses mean higher property taxes and higher sales taxes. If you believe a business occupying a building that's already been built in an industrial zone on the other side of the river on a road you haven't driven on in forever is selling Cody's soul, I recommend seeking professional help.


What the natives were thinking when Buffalo Bill and Co. showed up?


nothing like Jim Jones is thinking do your research mr. Jones he's failed at everything that he's done andpromised that's why he's no longer staying in California New York Chicago that's why I was in Cody Wyoming so we can make promises to everybody here and not follow through do your research Jimmy


Dunno. Can you tell us?

Wyoming resident

Wasn’t any natives around Cody.

Jim Jones

They were probably thinking, "Finally! We're neck deep in buffalo and they can help!" Maybe you're thinking, "What will Cody think when a native moves in?" A commentor above wants West to move back to California to be with people like him. What people, exactly? Seriously Rosie, did you think before posting and where did you learn English? You put a question mark on a statement.

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