Anna Paris

Anna Paris

A petition to revoke probation has been filed against a Powell Police Department employee.

Anna Paris, 54, a community service officer with the department, has an outstanding bench warrant for her arrest after testing positive for alcohol Friday, a violation of her probation.

Paris was serving six months unsupervised probation at the time of the charge.

In October, Paris was found guilty for driving under the influence of alcohol. In addition to a $290 fine, she was also assessed a 27-day suspended jail sentence that could be imposed if found guilty for breaking her probation.

Jack Hatfield, Park County prosecuting attorney, said charges were dropped against Paris for allegedly assaulting her husband and preventing him from calling 911 before that sentencing, because Greg Paris chose not to testify against her.

In that incident occurring July 4, Greg Paris originally told officers his wife had punched him repeatedly inside their vehicle parked in Cody, after they got in a dispute over whether they should return home to Powell. He added that during the exchange, she took the phone out of his hands when he tried calling 911 and then punched him again. A witness verified this account.

The couple had a prior domestic disturbance in 2015, from which Greg Paris received multiple felony charges.

Anna Paris was scheduled for a probation hearing 1:30 p.m. Monday and Hatfield said she turned herself in Monday morning.

Paris has been a community service officer with the department since 1990.

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Mmmmmm. I don’t see where this public service employee, representing the police and Powell citizenry, has been removed from her job. Is that the case? If so, termination is overdue. This kind of repeated behavior (excessive drinking, DV) is unacceptable for a public employee, particularly in a law enforcement role.

buster Flagg

this "officer" is, as of this writing, on "paid" leave. Must be nice to have your paycheck protected by the blue code. Law enforcement needs a serious overhaul


If I had her public sector job, I'd be hard-pressed not to drink, too. It's a heartbreaking, emotional and mentally exhausting position.


My grandfather was captured by the Japanese, survived a death-march, incarceration, beatings, a trip to Japan on a "death ship", spent several more years being deprived of sanitation, proper food and medical care, and of course, routine beatings. He did not come home and become an alcoholic. Some people are weak and others are not. As for alcoholism, there will always be an excuse.


Try to live that life and hold down a private sector job. Poor life choices, but great sense to snag a job as a civil servant.


And she is still employed by the city? That shows the integrity of the police department. This person cannot be entrusted to hold a position of authority. But I bet she is a relative of someone in the city so that makes it ok.

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