The Olive Glenn Golf Course club house no longer houses Stampede Bar and Grill.

After months of legal wrangling it appears the dispute between Olive Glenn Golf Course and Steve and Laurie Swan is coming to an end.

The golf course recently issued a statement that the two parties have come to a settlement agreement.

“The parties would like the community to know that they have agreed to resolve their differences in an amicable way,” Timothy Morrison, president of the Olive Glenn Golf Course board, wrote.

Laurie Swan, co-owner of the Stampede Bar and Grill, which was leasing the restaurant space at the golf course, said the undisclosed settlement was a result of mediation.

“Both parties are pleased that this matter is at an end and neither will have any further comments as we move forward in the future,” Morrison wrote.

The case now will be vacated in Park County Civil Court.

After the Swans left their restaurant premises in April, the heart of the matter still pertaining to the dispute was the facility’s liquor license, which they claimed still belonged to them.

Lawyers representing the Olive Glenn board argued otherwise in court documents, citing an original lease agreement that stipulated the license would return to the golf course upon termination of the lease.

The Swans did file to renew the license earlier this summer but have since communicated to the city they do not plan to follow through with this action or pay the associated fee, Cindy Baker, city clerk said.

Olive Glenn has filed for a liquor license transfer with the City of Cody but has not given their final sign off on the document.

Wyoming state law stipulates when a business stops operating, its liquor license may only be granted to another party with a transfer application.

The Cody City Council has planned to decide at two consecutive meetings on whether to approve the transfer but this action has now been scrapped because the golf course has yet to give a green light, City Attorney Scott Kolpitcke said.

Kolpitcke said council hopes to rule on the transfer at its next meeting Aug. 6.

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Will we ever get the REAL details?

Lower Sage Creek Wrangler

Oh darn, no more drama?

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