For 20 years, the Cody KOA pool has been open to residents for day use.

Due to incidents at the pool this summer causing extra insurance liabilities, manager Jean Mickelson announced the outdoor pool would not be open to the public the rest of the summer.

“It’s a heartbreak,” she said. “We’ve had families raised here.”

Mickelson said the company recently went with a new insurance company that highlighted the liability caused by having people who aren’t paying to stay there, and thus not signing the waiver form.

She said she, the owner and insurance company would reevaluate the situation after the summer. Season pass-holders will still be allowed to use the pool the rest of the summer.

With the campground expanding and jam-packed this summer, Mickelson said they don’t have the staff to constantly watch the pool and be on the lookout for those behaving badly. Recently she said they had to call the cops about underage drinking at the pool.

“We have had a few incidents that make it harder for us to police,” she said. “We don’t have the manpower to police it. We used to have somebody to watch.

“I have to wear a lot of different hats and I don’t have a policeman hat.”

Mickelson said she hated to make the decision, having seen generations of families growing up at the pool each summer. And she said if they can start from scratch, maybe they can work something out.

“It’s the adage, one bad apple ruins it for the basket,” she said. “Maybe if we had more regulations and rules, it could work again.”

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Robert Alber

Allyson Posey, Cody has grown enough! Most of the growth was missed by the census. Enough is enough!

Allyson Posey

Just add it to the list of things Cody is doing to push out families with kids. You want Cody to grow? Stop pushing out families.

Donna Blaylock

It has been a huge privilege to be able to use the KOA pool. But its locals that ruined it for the rest of us. I have been out there many times when the pool was packed and not one person even pretended to pay for it. It costs money to maintain a pool, and She (Ms Jean) didnt push out families with kids, the locals that caused problems did. I would like to thank Jean and her staff for the great job they do out there.And how much we appreciate the opportunitie we have had to come out and enjoy the pool and playground...

Veronica Brock

Cody had an outdoor pool but they closed it when the Rec Center opened and turned it into parking for the auditorium, if yall wanted an outdoor pool so badly then yall should have petitioned to keep the one on Beck open instead of going to the KOA and taking away from paying guests. Just sayin.

Lora Carpenter

Sadly, this is just the beginning for Cody. The warning bells have been hoing off for awhile and your sweet town has been deaf....much like Jackson which was ruined years ago. RIP old time Cody.

Donna Blaylock

Well hopefully locals hear the bells and start behaving and try and obey the rules,when they are given such a privilege.

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