The Park County GOP is asking county public health officer Dr. Aaron Billin to rescind the county mask mandate. 

The resolution comes on the heels of a statement from the state Republican Party Committee opposing Gov. Mark Gordon’s state of emergency regarding the coronavirus, which gives him power to enact statewide rules related to COVID-19.

“We believe this mandate is unacceptable, outrageous and most importantly unconstitutional in a constitutional representative republic,” the resolution reads in part. “In light of the resolution passed by the numerous county Republican parties, the combined resolution of the Wyoming Republican Party, and the unconstitutional circumvention of our elected officials by the state and Park County health officer, we call on Dr. Billin to rescind his order immediately.”

Billin’s mask order went into effect Nov. 18 and runs through Dec. 4. He explained the mandate to the county commissioners – none of whom objected – after sending it to the state for approval.

Billin defended his implementation of the mask mandate last week in a Facebook post.

“During this pandemic, I have done multiple computerized searches of the medical literature and have yet to find a credible study that suggests that masks don’t reduce the transmission of SARS-CoV-2,” he wrote.

The county GOP executive committee signed the letter, including chair Martin Kimmet, vice chair Bob Ferguson, treasurer Robin Berry, state committeeman Charles Cloud, state committeewoman Sherry Johnson and secretary Vincent Vanata.

In the letter, they accused Billin of going around the county’s elected officials to enact the mandate and said Billin had gone beyond the limit to personal actions he had explained on a radio show.

“We are communicating to the Park County Health Officer that he has exceeded those limitations,” the committee wrote.

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The silliness of making a disease political continues. Real science at work here, folks. But just a little reminder for the science experts in the crowd: scientists are people. People have biases and motives, some good, some bad. It's not always "just about the science." If you actually read what the "science" is saying, there is no proof that masks stop the spread of the disease, masks also introduce other negative side effects like respiratory problems and skin rashes, and so on. Why is it so hard to look at what's happening and recognize that the disease is spreading exponentially DESPITE all the regulations about masks and distancing and wiping down supermarket carts and making sure you have lots of Lysol and bleach on hand, and other silliness like that? It's a VIRUS, folks. If you look at the "science," a virus is extremely tiny, can be spread in numerous ways, and a mask isn't going to keep it in, or out. It's just a "feel good" thing people are doing as first, it makes them feel like They're in control (especially politicians), not the virus, and second, like driving an electric vehicle, it makes them feel like they're saving humanity from destruction. Psychology has more to do with it than science. As I recently said here, my wife and I are taking the prescribed precautions yet she still got the flu (or she actually did have covid and was misdiagnosed - who knows?) and we have no idea where or how she was exposed. Masks didn't help. Let me repeat: masks didn't help.


Ever since virus' were measured for size, science has declared that masks do not protect against airborne influenza. The only trial using masks vs not using masks on a real, live population, was recently performed in Denmark. 2% infection rate among both masked and un masked individuals. The only trials showing masks being beneficial is in a laboratory, using manequins and masks adhered to their face (when is the last time you saw someone go more than 60 seconds in Albertsons without pulling/tugging/readjusting their mask?). There's the science. Now, tell me, what science says it will be safe to not wear a mask on December 4?


The Mayo Clinic just reaffirmed in a recent study that masks and distancing are effective during this pandemic. Still, the Republican Party, led by its conspiracy-theory-in-chief trump make this a political issue instead of the dire health issue it is.


I suppose it might be our constitutional right to refuse to wear a mask thus helping spread the virus further. Not sure why folks would want to exercise that right in light of exponential growth in virus transmission in the state and nationally. Maybe I'm missing something...


Let's fire Mr Billin we the people have that power


I would ask the aforemention local Republican constotution scholars to fully explain to the limits of their vocabulary exactly HOW the mandatory public facemask regulation is unconstitutional. Please cite case law and judicial precedent on any relevant proceeding .

Just waving your wand and saying so is not quite sufficient to make such an overreaching accusation.

Hint: review Jacobson vs. Massachusetts , SCOTUS 1905.


DeweyV . Have you ever hear of "Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness"? That is part of the constitution. Are people able to live their life in the pursuit of happiness by being forced to wear a mask? Or being restricted on where they can go or what they can do? To me it only restricts my life. No one has to wear a mask if they don't want to. It's not like the seatbelt law. Until it is made a LAW, mandates mean nothing. If the mask mandate can't be enforced, why bother making the mandate?


Odd that you bring up "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness". I mean, if you don't wear a mask, then someone might not have a life. Don't be selfish. Wear a mask.


Neptune, how many people did Dr. Fauci "kill" when he told everyone not to wear masks? In his mind, he told the public to not wear masks so that healthcare workers would not die. Doesn't that imply that some people are more equal than others? Is it OK to "kill" some people if you save others in the process? What a conundrum!


Dr. Aaron Billin please stand up for the health of Park County’s residents. Provide the GOP the opportunity to prove that your mandate is unconstitutional. It’s time for the GOP to stop trying to bully the people of Park County, shut up and actually read the US constitution. It’s not the GOP’s place to demand anything.


Finally! Something in 2020 I can stand behind!!


One of the only studies using actual people (not manequins with glued-on masks in a test chamber) was recently concluded in Denmark. The researchers showed essentially 2% of mask wearers became infected and *gasp* essentially 2% of non-mask wearers became infected. Now, those wacky incorregeable egg-heads took that data and said "Bottom line - you wearing a mask probably won’t halve your risk of infection. But it might reduce it by 20%, and across an entire country experiencing a massive epidemic, that adds up,” says epidemiologist Gideon Meyerowitz-Katz of the University of Wollongong. Equal outcomes from the data, and the epidemiologist is suggesting that it "might" reduce infections by 20%. Uh, hello perfesser? That same paragon of analytical prowess concluded with this: "He points out that mask mandates might still have a “great benefit to society” even if the benefit to any individual is small." Uh, say what??? I have to believe that Dr. Billin is coming to the same wonder-land assesment from data that clearly does NOT support the conclusion. If the data shows same infection rate among mask users vs. non-mask users (2%) and then claim it could reduce infection by 20%, doesn't that make them "Science Deniers"? I really don't blame these folks as it is very difficult to walk away from your Religion even after being shown that it's orthodoxy was built on an entirely false premise, if you're a true Believer.


The "non-mask wearers" (I prefer to call them idiots) don't get infected because the other people wear masks. If you wore a mask, then it doesn't transmit COVID. Thus, anti-maskers will not get infected. The real threat they pose is to the rest of the population who have the decency to wear a mask. If they cough in your face, COVID can be spread to the rest of your body via the eyes. I thought this was common knowledge..


Neptune, your mask is like wearing a chain link fence to keep mosquitos out. If you're close enough to cough in my face, masks or not, virus will spread. As for science and facts, the entire world of epidemiologists were in lock-step agreement that masks were useless for influenza UNTIL May 2020. I sometimes ponder if Dr. Fauci and others will be brought up on murder charges since they said that the only reason they said not to wear them was to make sure that healthcare providers would not run out (that plus 100 years of real world experience that said they were useless anyway)...kind of odd since the supply chain between civilian and medical staff is pretty much independent what with a dozen masks available in Home Depot and thousands on the shelf in every healthcare facility in the nation, how many people did Dr. Fauci "kill" with that "lie"? But I digress. Interestingly, the ONLY human experiment using masks and not using masks occured in Denmark just recently and it showed essentially EQUAL infection rates for those with and without masks. All of the studies showing masks work is with manequins, not moving or figiting with the mask...all stationary, with the masks affixed perfectly to the face. I have never ever seen a human in public remain motionless, with perfect laboratory-like fitment and not constantly messing with it. The Denmark study showed this to be the case. There are no new studies using humans because of the politically percieved "death sentance" such a trial would place on the non-mask wearers. So, for folks worried about the science of it all, let's compare the reality of areas like LA, New York, Montana, et al where mask wearing is mandatory and the flu is rampant. Or show me a test that shows mask wearing is ACTUALLY beneficial that was performed on human beings during a pandemic (there isn't one, so don't waste your time). I spend 2-3 weeks at a time on my ranch, coming into town for supplies. I am darn well sure I am healthy and YOU are the risk to me. Mask or no mask.


Kudos to Billin for basing these tough choices on science and not personal beliefs.


The GOP is an anti science death cult.


In 1996, 73.6% of Park County voted Republican, so I'm guessing that most of your neighbors and many of your friends are Republican, too. Why would a thinking adult make such an unfounded and uncalled for nasty comment? If your roof ever blows off or a tree comes through your roof, when all of those folks come running to your aid, will you tell them what you think of them or just let them help?


This isn't about politics. It's about people dying. Are you going to help them?


Neptune, by and large, the folks dying virtually all wore masks. How'd that work out for them?


Mjolnir. The liberals science based agenda is only for issues that fit their agenda. The science based agenda that a 1 degree drop in average temp globally over the last 100 years means the world is going to end in 12 years. It means that a clump of cells means there is life on Mars but a clump is cells in a woman's belly doesn't mean there is life.

How can anyone but the closed minded believe in science based issues when you are only given part of the information? More of the information would be that 40% of the people that had the virus were religious mask wearers. Or a certain % of the cases were false positives. Or a certain % of the people that died from the virus were already on their death bed and would have died soon with or without the virus.


Hi. So I really liked your point about the "clump of cells on Mars". It gave me a good laugh. Anyway, science is a thing. A clump of cells on Mars means that it can live on its own (woohoo!) while a clump of cells in a woman's body cannot. Plus, science has not confirmed life on Mars, unless you're referencing David Bowie's album. If life were discovered on Mars, then we could possibly habituate it as a new planet since ours is dying.

As for your utter disregard for human life, that's pretty disturbing. I, like most people, would like to help people out of this world in the most humane way possible, and dying from COVID-19 is anything but peaceful. You don't get to say goodbye. They're hooked up to machinery, despite their fragile lives slipping away. I don't know about you, but I'd rather pass in my sleep than gasping for air and not getting to say goodbye.

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