Sar rescue

Park County Search and Rescue saved stranded motorists who had traveled illegally on WYO 212 and got stuck in the snow Monday night.

On Monday night, Park County Search and Rescue saved a couple who had been stranded after disregarding a road closure sign.

The driver traveled beyond the sign at Pilot Creek on their way to Cooke City and got their SUV stuck in the snow on WYO 212 near mile marker 1. This portion of the road is not usually open until early May.

The Park County Communications Center received a call around 8 p.m. from a 60-year old man and 59-year old woman who got their Volvo XC90 stuck and had to learn the importance of obeying traffic control devices the hard way.

SAR, Wyoming Highway Patrol, and BLM Law Enforcement all responded to the scene.

One of the best aspects of Wyoming is its remote and open areas, and with that comes required research and responsibility. Cell phone service can be spotty and GPS services just as unreliable. 

“Traffic control devices, even the temporary ones, are in place for safety purposes and should not be disregarded for any reason,” said SAR Coordinator Bill Brown, “especially a road closed sign.”

SAR reported the couple was safely returned to Cody and the vehicle was recovered by a local tow company. Despite the success of the mission, SAR wants people to know the event could have gone differently, which is why it is important to always be prepared and vigilant when traveling in the area.

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