More outdoor events are allowed in the state’s new public health order now in effect. 

Gov. Mark Gordon announced Wednesday that updated public health orders effective June 1 ease restrictions on public gatherings, allowing outdoor gatherings of up to 250 people. 

The updated order does allow for outdoor events to occur with social distancing and increased sanitization measures in place. Sporting events, small rodeos and other events will be permitted to have up to 250 spectators in attendance, in addition to the event participants. This most recent order is set to expire June 15.

“It’s time we had the chance to enjoy summer,” Gordon said. “The ability to gather outdoors in larger groups will be good for Wyoming citizens, businesses and our communities as we enter the season. We are not out of the woods yet though, so please use good judgement and don’t jeopardize yourself and others by acting recklessly. We want to keep moving forward.”

Dr. Alexia Harrist, State Health Officer, said the decision was made voluntarily, and the outdoor social gathering order for 250 people or less makes it impossible for large-scale rodeos to hope to turn a profit.

Hosts and organizers of these outdoor events are asked to screen staff for symptoms of COVID-19 and ensure adequate personal protective equipment is available. Food and beverage services at outdoor gatherings are required to follow the provision for restaurants outlined in Public Health Order No. 1.

Indoor events and gatherings, other than religious gatherings and other exemptions listed in the order, will continue to be restricted to groups of 25 or fewer. No significant changes are being made to the updated Public Health Orders 1 and 3.

(Leo Wolfson contributed to this report)

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barbed wire bliss

Rather than make the politically expedient choice, Gov Gordon instead used data and reason to make the RIGHT decision by prioritizing public health over the almighty dollar. That he is now receiving backlash from his critics is no big surprise. Thank you, Governor Gordon. Wyoming is fortunate to have a Governor with some backbone. Carry on.


Backbone?, I suggest in reality he followed suit for cover and believed ridiculous models to make flawed decisions .


This is just crazy...if you’re afraid, stay home. If you’re not afraid, it’s time to get back to living. Gov. Gordon simply isn’t up to the task, he needs to be recalled.


Your Governor made the statement that Wyoming did not shut down rodeos,so your dog don't hunt about a recall.

Jim Jones

Limiting Cody Night Rodeo to 250 is shutting it down. It can't break even with 250 paying spectators. 600 is probably close to the breakeven point.


you need to be recalled I don't know about you but I don't want a bunch of people coming into my city that are sick and making my whole city sick and shut it down again wake up


I shouldn't have to be afraid of living in my own City but when our officials allow other people to come into our city from out of state and make people sick including children they should not be allowed to come in. You should stay home

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