The Cody City Council rejected a request by The Pig & The Hog food truck to operate out of the Cody Country Chamber of Commerce parking lot, which led council members to express concerns over allowing food trucks to park on public property.

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Dewey Vanderhoff

Allowing a private for profit food truck to set up shop on City property would put the City and the Chamber of Commerce in defacto but direct competition with the fast food franchises and restaurants in town. It also implies favoritism.

Of course none of this is mentioned in this article or came up during the discussion. Recall the furor that was fulminated when the Buffalo Bill Historical Center applied for and got a full retail liquor license, before they added a full in-house food service outlet and even ran a dinner theater for a while. That was quite the brawl at City Hall.

I think the real litmus test would be the City of Cody disallowing food services on public property. Shouldn't those sorts of business endeavours be on private property to begin with ? Then the discussion would be on solid ground and reasons for allowing or disallowing it much clearer. ( Then again , the baseball fields have hot dogs and soda by concessionaires , so....).

A Chamber of Commerce parking lot seems an unlikely food venue to me. Then again , you know what they Cody the food in the museum is comparable to the art in the restaurants.

Joe Whittaker

I can see your point Dewey, and it's valid. But you can also look at it this way...the city is highlighting it's local mobile vendors, to promote their business and the food truck scene in the city. I don't think anyone is asking to park there full time, but I see no harm in allowing the city to promote our local vendors on city property. To your point, though, it creates competition with local establishments. I see no problem with that, but I'm sure the "good 'ol boy network" does. The local food establishments that have been pumping out the same junk for 20+ years should step up their game and not rely on government interference to allow them to continue to be mediocre at best.

Jeff Foxworthy

What's next? Licenses for lemonade stands?

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