Wyoming law enforcement is reminding drivers about the lifesaving benefits of wearing a seat belt during the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s national Click It or Ticket high-visibility enforcement effort. 

The Click It or Ticket national seat belt campaign coincides with the Memorial Day holiday and runs May 24-June 6.

“We want buckling up to become routine for all drivers and passengers,” said Pete Abrams of WYDOT Highway Safety. “It’s the safe, smart thing to do and it’s the law. During the Click It or Ticket campaign, law enforcement officers across the country and in Wyoming are sending the message that buckling up is the simplest thing you can do to limit injury or save your life during a crash. We see the results of not wearing a seat belt all the time. We see the loss of life. So often, it could have been prevented.”

The Click It or Ticket seat belt mobilization, will feature the Border to Border kickoff event, a one-day, 4-hour national seat belt awareness event on May 24.

In Wyoming during 2019, there were 47 unbuckled passenger vehicle occupants killed in crashes and observed seat belt usage was only 78%, the lowest since 2015. Wyoming law enforcement agencies will be taking a no-excuses approach to seat belt law enforcement, writing citations day and night.

“You may think you’re safe in a certain vehicle, or on a certain road, but the truth is, you’re safest when you buckle up. If this enforcement effort wakes people up to the dangers of unrestrained driving, we’ll consider our mission to be a success,” Abrams said. “If you know a friend or a family member who does not buckle up when they drive, please ask them to consider changing their habits. Help us spread this lifesaving message before one more friend or family member is killed because of this senseless inaction. Seat belts save lives, and everyone, front seat and back, child and adult, needs to remember to buckle up.”

For more information on the Click It or Ticket mobilization, visit nhtsa.gov/ciot.

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Jim Guelde

I’ll preface my comments by saying that I generally wear a seatbelt and always wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle. Heck, I was installing seatbelts in my vehicles long before these “click-it or ticket” clown shows.

Let’s cut to the chase… While the hundreds of millions of dollars spent to push seat-belt laws has been a horrendous financial burden to society, the greatest cost is really not money. It’s the loss of freedom. Seat-belt laws infringe a person’s rights as guaranteed in the Fourth, Fifth, and the Ninth Amendments, and the civil rights section of the Fourteenth Amendment. Such laws are an unwarranted intrusion by government into the personal lives of citizens; they deny through prior restraint the right to determine one’s own individual personal health-care standard.

As for the promise that seat-belt laws would reduce auto insurance rates, there is no record of any insurance company ever reducing its rates because a seat-belt law was passed. A study released in August 1988 by the Highway Loss Data Institute compared auto-accident injury claims before and after the enactment of seat-belt laws in eight states and could find no clear-cut evidence that belt-use laws reduced the number of injuries. “These results are disappointing,” the report added.

The hundreds of millions of dollars spent in support of seat-belt laws have been wasted. Not one penny of that money has ever prevented even a single traffic accident, the real cause of highway fatalities. We don’t need millions of dollars for stricter seat-belt law enforcement. Instead, we need more responsibly educated drivers, safer vehicles, and better roads to prevent traffic accidents.

Individual freedom is the very foundation of our country. The American people should not accept legislators who pass laws that take liberty away while claiming to do good. History has shown this to be the easy road to power for tyrants.

There is certainly nothing wrong with voluntary seat-belt use; however, there is a great deal wrong with all seat-belt laws. As Benjamin Franklin said, “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

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