Kimberly Maxwell

A Cody woman found guilty of stealing checks and a credit card from an individual she was housekeeping for in 2015 is now being accused of shoplifting from Walmart twice in the past year.

Kimberley Maxwell, 46, was arrested July 8 for her alleged probation revocation. She is no longer in custody.

In 2017, Maxwell was sentenced to one year in jail and five years supervised probation for spending $2,325 on a credit card at Walmart that was not authorized to her. She was found guilty for theft of property valued $1,000 or more and check fraud and was also assessed a 4-6 year suspended prison sentence. This prison sentence could be imposed if she is found guilty for breaking her probation.

The two thefts allegedly occurred in December 2019 and this April.

Cody police officer Patrick Geraghty was called to Walmart on June 13 on a report of “some thievery afoot,” according to the affidavit.

There, he was provided video evidence of Maxwell stealing multiple pieces of evidence while accompanied with two unidentified persons.

In the December event, video captured Maxwell walking into the store bathroom with a shopping cart full of items not bagged. Four minutes later Maxwell is seen leaving the restroom with $111.36 in items placed in white plastic bags, resembling the “plastic bags you receive at checkout,” Geraghty wrote in the affidavit.

Maxwell then proceeded to leave the store without paying for a single item.

In the April incident, Maxwell was documented performing a similar act but this time with an infant child in tow and an individual identified as Taelor Maxwell.

“Even though Kimberley’s cart was full of merchandise … AP (Jordan) Wright was only able to identify three items inside of the cart totaling $16.33,” Geraghty wrote.

In the footage from that event, investigators also saw Maxwell remove a children’s game from a store shelf and walk over to the customer service desk to return the unpaid item fraudulently. Store staff can be seen handing her a $36.37 gift card.

“After Kimberley received the gift card for an unpaid item she and Taelor continued to shop Walmart,” Geraghty wrote.

The pair used the gift card at the self-checkout station before leaving the store.

Kimberley Maxwell is accused of stealing a total of $162.66 in merchandise.

Authorities were able to identify Kimberley Maxwell by her forearm tattoos, matched with her prior mugshots taken at the Park County Detention Center. Taelor Maxwell’s Facebook also revealed multiple photos displayed with her and Kimberley, her forearm tattoos matching the surveillance video.

On July 14, Kimberley Maxwell was assessed a $5,000 personal recognizance/signature bond with the stipulation she cannot leave Wyoming.

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