In 2020, Cody stopped culling deer within city limits. Although the numbers of deer have since increased, Cody Police Chief Chuck Baker recommended that culling be halted for a third year due to concerns about discharging a firearm within city limits.

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Dewey Vanderhoff

Show us the data , the census, and the pathology please. None of this adds up to me. How can the urban deer in Cody have gone from 0-2% CWD positive in years past to a whopping 72 percent in such a short time ? We recall that even one deer testing for CWD a decade ago was a Code Red calamity . Now you say 3/4ths are testing positive , but don't recommend culling this time around ? In years past City deer culling was supended because of budgetary dollar reasons, not biology . The City is flush with money currently thanks to federal pandemic funding and economic stimulus monies of just about everything , so that excuse isn't a reality. That leaves biology and bigotry ( i.e. that sector of residents who summarily hate deer but are too lazy or cheap to fence their property ). Neither the City of Cody , Wyo G&F , and even WY-DOT have done anything at all proactively to manage deer in town. Their only tool is an AR-15 with a night vision scope and a silencer . Proactive nonlethal ungulate management is not in the playbook around here. The real problem with urban deer isn't the deer , it's the people.

It's way too late in the winter season to be shooting deer anyway if your goal is to distribute healthy meat . Culling is optimally a January thing, not March. Why did it take so long to bring the data to City Hall in the first place ?

I observe the urban deer . Constantly. Up close ( I live a block from Canal Park which is a deer haven . I track multigenerational families of deer going back years ) . I see next to zero symptoms of CWD. Saw some respiratory issues after the Rut , but they seem to have cleared up. Given the somewhat wicked winter we have all endured, the town deer seem remarkably fat , hairy, and healthy to me. I cannot speak to the deer on the far eastern and western city limits, only those who browse the center of town.

Regardless, None of this pencils out IMO.

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