Ryan Brown

Ryan Brown

Ryan Brown may have filed to be on the Cody School Board shortly after passionately supporting Norm Sedig’s petition to be named coach of the high school tennis team, but he says that’s not why he’s running. 

“I’m here to make a difference for the kids,” he said. “I’ve done that since I graduated high school ... I want what’s best for kids and I think that my track record shows that.”

A youth programs coordinator by day and sports pundit by night, Brown is a Cody native and graduated from Cody High School in 1994. He’s worked as a coach in a variety of sports, most recently as an assistant coach for the Powell Pioneers Legion Baseball team. 

“I want to make sure everything is good for everyone in the district,” Brown said. “I want it to be what I saw when I went to school here, that it was the best.”

He’s been coaching for more than two decades, and said that experience combined with managing youth programs give him a good background for working on the school board. 

“Being around budgets, knowing how and when to spend money,” Brown said of how his past experiences have prepared him to be on the board. “I think I’m qualified and I hope I get the chance to show that.”

How to address the pandemic has weighed heavily on everyone’s minds, and Brown wants to take a wait-and-see approach with it before making any changes to the current reopening plan. 

When the time for changes does come, he’ll first look to Park County Public Health Officer Dr. Aaron Billin, but also wants input from the school community.

“I’d hear from parents. What do they want?” Brown said. “What do the kids want? They’re the main ones who have to deal with it every day.”

Brown wants to make sure that all voices are heard before any major decisions are made, especially those of the students. 

“They’re not being heard,” Brown said of the students. “They’re the ones going to school. What do they want? How can we make things better for them? They and the faculty are the main people, not the outside people. It’s the kids going to school and the ones teaching them and taking care of them. Those are the ones we should be hearing.”

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I sure hope we check this gentleman's background before we pursue any further

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