This 3.76 acre property is part of the seven lots that Kanye West is now selling in Cody.

City of Cody Planning and Zoning Board Member Carson Rowley said one of his main reasons for joining the board was to deal with the temporary tent Kanye West’s Yeezy company had set up next to his Big Horn Avenue office.

Still, he and the three other members present Tuesday all agreed to give the new owners of the property a six-month extension to remove the tent. 

“I wouldn’t want to be in favor of keeping this sale from going through,” he said. “But this was the motivation for me wanting to get involved in P&Z board. I sit in my office and see this out my window.”

The tent was initially set up and approved for six months, before Yeezy representatives asked for a further extension, which expires Nov. 15. 

“We’ve dealt with this a number of times,” said P&Z chair Richard Jones. “My opinion is, I don’t feel the business plan failings of the original company should impact the new owners. 

“I don’t see the harm, think it’s a reasonable request.”

City planner Todd Stowell said the new owners weren’t expecting to close by Nov. 15, so they asked for the extension.

The new company set to occupy the property at 3202 Big Horn is represented by attorney Sarah Miles. She said in a letter to the board that her client was planning on a more permanent structure to take its place in the future, before the Nov. 15 deadline.

Miles also said in the letter she was representing JCA Companies, a local oil and gas service company.

The 4,800 square foot storage structure was originally authorized Oct. 22, 2019, for a period of six months from occupancy, as requested by Psalm Cody Commercial, LLC. The storage tent was installed and occupied in March of 2020. On Aug. 25, 2020, the board considered and approved an extension to continue to utilize the tent until Sept. 15, followed by a 60-day time period to remove the tent.

Stowell commented that staff had conversations about further development about the property as late as one month ago with representatives from Psalm Cody, LLC.

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Mace Brenton

this tent fiasco has only shown what a big joke our current P & Z board is. Starry eyed pretenders who want to reach out and be 'touched' by a celebrity shouldn't be put into positions of authority

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