Many recent local COVID-19 diagnosed cases have come from large gatherings like weddings, retirements, and from eating and drinking establishments, according to the Park County incident management team.

It was a wedding attended by local residents recently that has proven to be a particular cluster spot, with multiple people testing positive who attended. One of these individuals was a Park County road and bridge employee, two were the daughter of Park County Commissioner Lloyd Thiel and likely her 3-year-old son.

“This whole thing is blown out of proportion,” Thiel said. “We’re getting more cases because we’re doing more testing.

“It’s nothing different than any other flu.”

Thiel said he has not had contact with his daughter since the wedding as she lives in Billings, so he does not plan to get tested.

He said if people are concerned about risks of getting the illness, they should self-distance or stay at home.

“I’m not saying in rare cases it can’t be serious,” Thiel said. “Every flu bug can be serious.”

Thiel said he has spoken with three county residents who have been infected with COVID-19 and he believes there have been many false negative cases in the county. He said those to whom he has talked to have had a 1-2 day recovery.

Bill Crampton, Park County public nurse, said many local businesses are not doing a sufficient job adhering to the health order guidelines.

The current state health orders mandate face masks be worn by all bar and restaurant employees and staff at large events. Social distancing is to be adhered to as much as possible.

“The business owner is responsible to follow the health orders by providing masks to staff, ensuring frequent handwashing and providing distancing between patrons,” said Kim Croft, public information officer for the Park County incident management team.

Crampton said the department will not issue fines and can only provide reminders to follow the orders to businesses that it receives complaints about.

“Unfortunately, our federal leadership has put us in a bad position,” Crampton said. “The messaging has not been real consistent. People don’t know what to believe. They don’t want to believe us.”

When asked about enforcement of state health orders, Gov. Mark Gordon said during a May press conference local communities can use their own discretion about arrests on violation of orders.

“We’ve erred on the side of thoughtful and safe, and our orders are much looser than any other state,” Gordon said. “That said, I think it’s incredibly selfish of some to put others at risk when they choose to disregard the health of others in the community. They are putting county attorneys in awkward situations.”

Park County Health Officer Dr. Aaron Billin said state public health orders are law according to Wyoming state statute.

“The rest is up to law enforcement,” he added.

Park County Attorney Bryan Skoric said his department has received no complaints from any law enforcement, health staff or members of the general public regarding any businesses in violation. He said if they do, these reports will be judged on a case-by-case basis, taking prior warnings into account before deciding whether to press any charges.

Violation of health orders can bring misdemeanor charges of up to 6 months in prison and a $100 fine, or a more serious up to 1 year in prison and up to $1,000 fine.

“We certainly hope we don’t have to utilize those statutes,” Skoric said, “Everybody’s hoping businesses and residents the orders apply to will comply with the orders.”

On June 10, the Wyoming Legislator shot down a bill to heavily restrict the powers of state and county health officers. “Public health orders-2” was introduced into a sub-committee by Rep. Scott Clem (R-Gillette), and would have required public health officers to prove the scientific necessity for their public health orders, forcing officers to use “the least restrictive means necessary.”

If the legislation had passed, health officers would have only been able to issue orders for 21 days. After that, they would have to go before a district court judge to argue the scientific validity of their orders, before granting an extension.

“It would have been forcing the judicial branch to do the job of the executive,” Billin said. “If the courthouse was on fire, county commissioners wouldn’t be enlisted to tell the fire department where to put out the fire.”

The current state health orders have been in place since June 15, and were recently extended through July 15.

Billin has included scientific data with every county-supported exemption and variance request submitted to the state. He supports the decisions state health offier Dr. Alexia Harrist has been making regarding the state health orders.

“I think she’s shown great restraint,” Billin said. “She knows Wyoming would not be New York City.”

Park County has the fifth most active cases in Wyoming and the ninth most total cases per 100,000 residents. Even Natrona County has fewer active cases than Park County. Three of the four counties with more active cases than Park have a larger population.

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I believe Mr. Thiel is correct. I agree 100% with his statement. I do not know a single person that has or has had the virus. Until there is information put out that can say masks are 100% effective I won't be wearing one. Until the health officials can prove that there has not been a single person catch the virus that was wearing a mask I won't wear one. Social distancing is a joke also. 6'? Why is 6' the difference maker. Why isn't it 4' or 15'? Because it is just a made up number. I have seen videos of people testing different masks with a monitor to show oxygen intake with different masks on. EVERY single mask tested reduced oxygen intake by at least 30%. Plus your next breath you are inhaling the carbon dioxide you just exhale. OSHA had a news release a month ago that says healthy people shouldn't be wearing a mask.


Would love to see where you think OSHA *EVER* said anything like that. Here's the link to their news updates. None of them say that. Wearing a mask will change *Respirated* oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. Guess what? Living in Cody Wyoming at almost 5000ft above sea level does that too! Luckily our bodies automatically adjust for that. Your *Saturated* oxygen level will stay virtually the same whether it's a cloth mask or a full, fitted N95 mask. Your body will make you breath a bit more deeply or more often to make up for it.


Todayistheday, I agree with you! I have also wondered why Covid does not appear at a riot or protest, but does appear at a church or funeral..


Orders from the State of Wyoming Department of Health are not laws, rather, they are regulations that the legislature in it's diminished wisdom has given the state statutory enforcement power through prosecution. A frightening thought as there is no checks or balances. What will be the next public health crisis that the unelected public health officials will use the regulatory process for?


Wow, did our Commissioner really just say all of that? At this point, almost 4 months in here in the good ol USA, with all of the medical evidence not to mention deaths one can’t even claim ignorance for such a response. Hopefully Thiel will find himself on the same side as our Commander in Chief come Election Day.


Did our Park County Commissioner Lloyd Thiel actually say, “It’s nothing different than any other flu.” ? That's a very irresponsible statement from a public official.


So I heard a doctor yesterday, point out all the cities that had protesters in the streets, have all had huge increases ! Boy howdy did he get attacked, seems people who protest with out socially distancing, and no face covering were okay, as they were " protesting " ! Yet you can not have a funeral or a burial service outside ? I do not know when critical thinking was abandoned, but it surely has !


Yeah, me your medical degree. I will get my information from our Medical Officers, thank you. It’s so simple: maintain good personal spacing, wear a face covering when distancing is not possible, and wash your hands often. This disease is not the run-of-the-mill flu virus. Mr. Theil, your thoughtlessness is appalling given your position as a County Commissioner and I look forward to voting you out of office.


This is poor journalism. The wedding wasn't last weekend it was the weekend of the 20th and it was in Red Lodge. Yes there were Powell people at the wedding but some were from other places.


Yes, the Enterprise if full of poor journalism, but what does that have to do with the point of this story?

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