Mitchell Herzberg

Mitchell Herzberg

The only warning Cecil Leckliter had while walking down a Rumsey Avenue alley were the footsteps he heard coming up behind him.

As he turned around on March 9, Leckliter said he was attacked by two men who knocked him down some stairs and proceeded to beat him with a large stick, rendering him unconscious, according to court documents.

Mitchell Herzberg, 32, is now facing felonies for aggravated assault and battery and delivery of meth in relation to this incident. A backpack containing 16.75 grams of meth allegedly belonging to Herzberg was found near the crime scene.

For around three minutes, Leckliter estimated he was beaten, punched and kicked before losing unconsciousness. He was left with a large cut on his head that required staples to close, golf ball-sized lumps and bruises and other small cuts. A Cody Regional Health doctor said the marks appeared to be superficial stab wounds. 

Leckliter was able to escape to the Cody Laundromat where he called the police. 

Cody police discovered fresh blood on the walls, door and door jamb at the bottom of the stairs. 

As Cody police officer John Harris investigated the scene, he noticed a shirtless man with many tattoos walking by and carrying a large backpack. The man disappeared temporarily but the backpack he was carrying was later found on the ground. 

Shortly after, the bare-chested man was found sitting in a plastic chair around a corner, just a few feet from where Harris had been standing. At his feet was a screwdriver and a black cell phone.  

Harris said the man, later identified as Herzberg, was covered in blood, which he claimed was rust. 

Despite freezing temperatures and it being around midnight, Herzberg said he was sitting in the chair without a shirt “enjoying the show.”

“I confirmed the outside air temperature as 32 degrees Fahrenheit with dispatch, which is not a normal temperature for someone to be walking around shirtless,” Harris wrote in the affidavit. 

Herzberg refused to identify himself and told Harris to “go get your sergeant.”

Inside the backpack was the meth along with mail addressed to Herzberg.

Leckliter said the other assailant who attacked him was a shorter individual named “Alex” whom he had smoked marijuana with in the past. He recognized Herzberg from the oil fields and gave a physical description of the attacker that matched Herzberg’s, along with his lack of shirt and tattoos.

Even after being taken into custody for interference with a peace officer, Herzberg continued to refuse to identify himself. 

Authorities later discovered he is currently on parole with the Wyoming Department of Corrections and on supervised probation.  

On April 14, circuit court Judge Bruce Waters bound the case over to Park County district court. Herzberg is currently in custody at the Park County Detention Center with a $20,000 cash-only bond. 

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Scott Weber

This is why all of us carry concealed EVERY DAY. These meth heads dwell among us...

Scott Conger

Looks like the regular flight from Chicago has gotten off to an early start this season.

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