Rachel Rodriguez-Williams

Rachel Rodriguez-Williams

Cody resident Rachel Rodriguez-Williams is running unopposed for state house as a conservative Republican, seeking to represent a district that includes some of east Cody and much of rural Cody and Powell.

For well over a decade, Rodriguez-Williams has been an active member of various community-based, civic organizations and social programs within Park County and a proponent of the state motto “Equal Rights.” 

Since 2014, Rodriguez-Williams has served on the board of directors for the Park County Republican Women, where she continues to delve into the civic issues that matter most to constituents. Since 2015, she has also served on the Powell Economic Partnership Advisory Board, where fiscal concerns and hopeful economic growth are central in boosting the city’s state of affairs.

She also serves as a committeewoman for the Park County Republican Party. 

Beyond that, she’s involved in 4-H events and supports local youth hockey – she’s a Yellowstone Quake billet family. She’s a member of Wyoming Outdoorsmen, executive director for local non-profit Serenity Pregnancy Center, and a small business owner.

With a Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice Administration, Rodriguez-Williams said she respects and supports law enforcement. She served as a police officer for about a decade.  

She is also firmly pro-life. 

“Whether a person’s pro-life stance is faith-based or secular, we know and we value the medical and technological advancements that reaffirm the scientific fact that human life begins at fertilization,” she said. “Human life – in all its many stages – has the right to grow and thrive.”

A member of the National Rifle Association, Rodriguez-Williams said she knows all too well that criminals don’t follow laws. Every law-abiding citizen has a divine and natural human right for self-preservation, self-protection. 

She said amongst local issues in Park County, she’s concerned with the growing mental illness and substance abuse cases. 

“Residents witness this plight quite often,” she said. “These disorders clearly interlock with the criminal justice system due to a lack of access to proper community-based resources. It’s a vicious circle. But it doesn’t have to be never-ending.”

She said it’s important for Wyomingites to receive the appropriate screenings and assessments needed in order to generate a strong linkage to obtain resources and treatments, as well as diversion programs to assist those afflicted.

Above all, Rodriguez-Williams said as a conservative Republican she’s looking to improve areas where the legislature has been stagnant.

“Wyoming will continue to work diligently to preserve all the astounding things that make this state truly great: core values of liberty and freedom, inalienable and inherent rights bestowed upon us by our creator, our respect for preserving our natural beauty, our farming and energy industries, our rights to bear and keep arms, and well beyond,” she said.

See more at williamsforhd50.com.

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