Construction is moving to Alger Avenue.

Construction crews are taking advantage of another warm spell to finish up a few final sections of the downtown roadwork project before more wintry weather shuts them down for the season.

“We’re trying to get through Beck this week,” S&S Construction manager Ed Epperson said. “We’ll do as much as we can before freezing.”

Crews are anticipating opening Beck and closing the east side of the Alger intersection next week.

This week, Wyoming Department of Transportation resident engineer Todd Frost said concrete slab replacement, curb and gutter, double gutter, sidewalk and ADA upgrades will continue from East Sheridan Avenue through Beck Avenue to Alger Avenue on the east half of 17th Street.

Sidewalk replacement will continue on the northeast corner of 16th Street and Sheridan Avenue.

Grinding and texturing will be done this week from 14th Street through East Sheridan Avenue on the north side of Sheridan Avenue starting tonight from 7 p.m.-7 a.m. as long as temperatures remain above freezing. Frost said that’s two hours more than usual, but they want to wrap it up as soon as possible.

Some days grinding may occur depending on temperature. Expect rolling intersection closures at 15th Street, 16th Street and East Sheridan intersections during this work. Flaggers will be utilized at 16th Street and East Sheridan Avenue intersections to maintain access.

The east side of the intersection of 17th Street and Beck Avenue will remain closed. A one lane closure will remain on the northeast corner of 16th Street and Sheridan Avenue for completion of the ADA ramp. The Alger Avenue intersection will remain fully open.

Traffic is being carried in one lane each direction on one side of the street while work is being completed on the other half of the street.

The speed limit is reduced to 20 mph through the work zone. No left turns are allowed through the work zone.

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