Park County’s second case of COVID-19, a woman in Powell who at one point was hospitalized, had recovered as of Saturday, according to Park County Health Officer Dr. Aaron Billin.

The news came a day before the state recorded its 17th death, a Fremont County resident. Friday an elderly COVID-19 positive woman from Fremont also died.

The adult woman who died Sunday had been hospitalized and did not have any known conditions that would have put her at higher risk of serious illness related to COVID-19.

new cases in three counties pushed the number of coronavirus cases confirmed in Wyoming since the pandemic began to 700 on Monday.

The Wyoming Department of Health, in its daily coronavirus update, said seven new cases were confirmed Monday, four in Fremont County, two in Natrona County and one in Washakie County.

As of Monday afternoon, Fremont County had 252 cases; Laramie County had 122; Teton County had 69; Natrona had 65; Washakie had 32; Albany had 23; Sweetwater had 22; Campbell had 18; Converse and Johnson had 14; Sheridan had 12; Lincoln had 11; Carbon and Uinta had nine; Hot Springs had eight, Big Horn and Crook had five; Goshen had four, and Park had two. Niobrara, Platte, Sublette and Weston counties had one case each.

The number of people to have recovered from COVID-19 increased by nine on Monday to stand at 667. The number included recoveries among 511 people with laboratory confirmed cases of coronavirus and 156 people with probable cases.

A probable case is defined as one where the patient has coronavirus symptoms and has been in contact with someone with a confirmed case, but has not been tested for the illness.

The department said the state has seen 210 probable cases since the pandemic began.

The number of active cases on Monday was 228, including 174 with laboratory confirmed cases of coronavirus and 54 with probable cases.


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I never was a math major but I have a heard time understand these number, According to the article, the state has 682 confirmed cases. With 642 recoveries. That leaves 40. Then it says there is The number of active cases on Friday was 236. That included 179 patients with confirmed cases of coronavirus and 57 patients with probable cases. How do they get the number 179 active confirmed cases? My math skill tell me there is 97. 40 that haven't recovered yet and 57 probable cases. Where does the number of 16 deaths go? As recovered? Probable? Or active?

Jim Jones

If you check, you will find out the state refers to them as Covid related deaths, not Covid deaths.


Cody and the rest of Wyoming at large are generally not treating Covid-19 seriously. This could have consequences. Just know we have to play by the virus' rule... you cannot wish or whine your way around that.

This is a teachable moment in human history . Will Cody and Wyoming make it so ? Cowboy Conservatism is not One Size Fits All...


I agree as I have seen more people than I care to count on Facebook from Cody mock this virus. Im They dont take it seriously because it's not a reality for their community yet. I saw this first hand after I went back to visit my son over Memorial day. I was surprised I could walk into walmart here without a mask.

It will be interesting to see if the number of cases goes up in a few weeks following these protests.

Jim Jones

You should ask our County Health Officer< "What is the efficacy of a cloth mask against airborne Covid-19." I did an the answer is 5%.

Jim Jones

If you're traveling to Cody to visit your son, you are not taking Covid-19 seriously. If you did, you'd shelter in place and make no unnecessary trips.

James Leghorn

Was this exposure brought in by a traveling nurse from Texas or a nursing employee who traveled out of area and brought it back. How many of these employees come to Cody to shop at WalMart?

Jim Jones

How many Walmart employees have been diagnosed with Covid-19? Shouldn't they all be dead by now?

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