A former Cody man accused of committing felony assault of an officer and committing a nearly day-long string of crimes will only face a $1,270 fine and six months unsupervised probation after being sentenced on Dec. 21.

Frank Denbow, 35, pleaded no contest to interference with a peace officer, reckless endangering, careless driving and criminal entry, all misdemeanors. A felony charge for causing bodily injury to a peace officer and misdemeanors for unlawful contact and property damage under $1,000 were dismissed per his plea deal. Interference with a peace officer to cause bodily injury carries up to 10 years in prison and $10,000 in fines alone.

Denbow was accused of spraying a Cody Police officer with a carbonated energy drink and kicking him in the chest in October. The action didn’t stop when he had his first hearing in Park County Circuit Court, as he was tackled by sheriff’s deputies as the hearing ended.

The Sheriff’s Office said in a press release Denbow was restrained because he leaned forward and grabbed the laptop computer being used for the remote court appearance.

“For his safety, the safety of the Detention staff, and ultimately the safety of the facility, the deputy reached across the inmate to restrain him and roll him to the right and onto the floor,” the press release said.

Denbow insulted and interrupted both Judge Bruce Waters and State Prosecuting Attorney Larry Eichele multiple times during the entire court hearing.

After spending nine days in custody, Denbow’s family posted a $10,000 cash-only bond.

Although he was a Cody resident at the time of the incidents, he now lives in New Jersey. 

Waters ordered Denbow “continue to follow all treatment recommendations made by treatment provider in New Jersey,” in his sentencing document. 

As police approached Denbow on the street to discuss numerous reported incidents allegedly involving him, Denbow allegedly raised his digital camera toward Cody Police Officer Patrick Geraghty in a manner that suggested he was taking photos or video of the confrontation.

After Denbow admitted to speaking to someone who accused him of trespassing earlier in the day, he started to shake up his energy drink with his right hand.

“You know what’s about to happen,” Denbow said, according to Geraghty.

Police made contact with Denbow because of six incidents he was accused of taking part in from early in the morning through the afternoon. 

Allegations included erratic driving, driving his Jeep onto the Silver Dollar patio, refusing to leave a gas station, entering a pool at the Paul Stock Aquatic and Recreation Center fully clothed, leaving his vehicle illegally parked in a hotel entry area, and trespassing into a tow lot to retrieve items from his vehicle that was impounded after the hotel parking incident.

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Well, at least he's in New Jersey now.


Of course. Why not? Be sure to let us know when he gets a Key to the City.

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