Saturnino “Junior” Rodriguez

A Cody man has been sentenced to 12-16 years in prison after pleading guilty to attempting to commit first degree sexual assault.

Saturnino “Junior” Rodriguez, 21, admitted to trying to rape a 31-year-old woman at the Caroline Lockhart Inn last March. Charges for burglary with intent to commit first degree sexual assault were dismissed with prejudice under the plea deal.

After walking into a room at the inn without approval, he entered the bathroom where the woman was and lowered his pants, pulling out and playing with his genitalia. He confirmed that he grabbed the woman’s head in an effort to engage oral sex, and said that she “freaked out” in response to his actions.

Rodriguez said the female rejected him, but he “pleaded” with her to have sex with him. When she escaped out of the bathroom, Rodriguez followed and pushed her face down onto the bed. He confirmed he opened up her shirt and made contact with her breasts with his mouth and hands.

“Rodriguez confirmed that (the woman) kept saying no and was trying to get away,” Cody Police Officer Juston Wead wrote in the affidavit.

At this point the victim ran out of the room, and Rodriguez was verbally confronted by one of her male friends.

Attempt to commit first degree sexual assault is a charge that comes with a minimum five-year prison sentence.

When Rodriguez first spoke with authorities about the incident, he claimed he engaged in acts consensually.

He later admitted his intentions were to have sex with the woman and he was going to do this consensually or “‘by force,’” Wead said.

Rodriguez blamed his actions on his level of alcoholic intoxication and said he had committed a similar act in Oregon when he was 14 years old and drank alcohol for the first time. He said this most recent event was only the second time he had consumed alcohol.

Rodriguez attended Cody High School but did not graduate. A mental competency evaluation for Rodriguez took place, but he was found mentally fit to stand trial.

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