Sunday Service

The Buffalo Bill Center of the West announced Friday afternoon hip-hop artist Kanye West will be hosting a free Sunday Service at the Robbie Powwow Garden outside the museum.

West will be joined by an 80-person choral group in his service that begins at noon.

The hip-hop artist has already performed his Sunday Service routine in a number of U.S. cities this year like Atlanta, Chicago and Dayton, Ohio, where he performed at a benefit event for victims of the recent mass shooting in that city.

The gospel service has featured West offering moralistic lessons interlaced with spiritual guidance. Promoting faith in God seems to be the main purpose behind the event, as he preached the need to perform “radical obedience” to Jesus.

The rapper-turned-preacher has played music from his own collection and from other artists at these events.

At a recent Sunday Service in Atlanta, West was also accompanied by a live band on stage but Meyer said he was told there will be minimal instrumentation at the Sunday event.. 

Doors will open at 11 a.m. for the event. No bags or coolers will be allowed in or alcohol.

The concert will be standing room only, Levi Meyer, PR and Marketing Manager for the Center of the West said. Both the museum and West will provide security for the event.

Meyer said West did pay to rent the space for the day, but was not able to provide a figure for the cost. Religious groups often rent out the Powwow Garden for events.

"He's basically another client renting the space," Meyer said.

But Meyer also said West is far from a typical client and said he expects 2,000-3,000 people to attend the event, with people claiming to be traveling from as far away as Billings and Casper to see Kanye's sermon.

West is the winner of 21 Grammy Awards since the release of his first album, "The College Dropout," in 2004.

He has recently been connected to the purchase of Monster Lake Ranch, about 11 miles south of Cody. He has posted numerous photos and videos from the ranch in recent weeks, as has his wife Kim Kardashian West. The front entrance sign to the ranch has now been changed to read "West Lake."

In a recent interview on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, Kardashian West confirmed that her husband had purchased a ranch in Wyoming.

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When well known people want a quiet place to escape the chaos of constant publicity, they don't announce their every move on social media. West did not choose Cody for the purpose of going unnoticed. That has already been demonstrated repeatedly in a very short time.

Milo Vukelich

Cody has long been the home/second home to wealthy and famous people. Paul Stock, Ms. Draper, the CEO of Coke-a-Cola and many others, some of whom still are there so I won't mention. Mr. West is just another person and we'll see how this shakes out. My bet is he just wants somewhere quiet to go after living in LA...


What a nice thing to do from our new neighbor.

Fox Blue River

I'm sure Mr. West is a nice guy in private and I have listened to his music, but I'm worried about all this attention and the reporters and crazy people that are going to descend on this town. I don't want the attention, there is a lot I like about Cody it is for the most part quiet, peaceful and never in the national news.


Shame on Wyoming Fish & Game for only issuing a warning to the "celebrity status" West with respect to the incident in which he harassed the antelope. If John Q Public had done what West did, the WF&G would have advised him that ignorance of the law is no excuse. In addition, he is an adult and should know better.


This sounds like attention seeking and the beginnings of PTL.

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