The brothers were found at home Saturday by police.

Two 61-year-old twin brothers were found deceased at a Sheridan Avenue residence on Saturday.

According to their obituary, Kurt Knight and Michael Knight “both passed away peacefully on Christmas Day.”

Authorities discovered the deaths when they came to the twins’ home for a welfare check on Saturday, according to the Cody Police Department.

Although both of the men had recently tested positive for COVID-19, police have not determined whether the virus played a role in the deaths of the twins. In a Wednesday afternoon update, police said the men had been leading a solitary lifestyle recently.

There have been seven COVID-19 Park County deaths officially reported by the State and six recent related deaths for which the death certificates are not completed yet.

Portable air quality monitors were used to rule out the presence of carbon monoxide in the home at 2308 Sheridan Ave. 

Chuck Baker, Cody Police chief, said the department does not believe the deaths were self-inflicted.

Detectives spent the night on the scene and a “preliminary investigation did not indicate any suspicious circumstances regarding the deaths,” according to a press release.

The welfare check request was made for an individual living at the property who had not shown up for work and was not answering repeated phone calls.

“Kurt and Michael were very closely bonded, as only twins can be, their entire life,” the obituary says. “They entered this life together and went to Heaven together, never knowing the other passed away to Heaven too.”

According to the obituary, Kurt Knight was a Cody Regional Health employee. There will be a memorial service for the brothers at the New Hope Baptist Church at 2 p.m. Thursday. 

This case is still under investigation and those with any information pertaining to this matter should contact Detective Sgt. Juston Wead at (307) 527-8700.

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Typical media sensationalism to hype fear when actual facts are not yet available. Waiting for the autopsy results would have been the responsible journalistic thing to do. But then again, it is the Enterprise.

Vincent Vanata

Lively discussions inviting differing points of view are always interesting and most likely the intent of this newspaper regarding these blogs. However, comments carrying the tone of what is depicted here are inappropriate given the article they are written under.

These men died in their home, on Christmas day, leave it alone. The Enterprise moderator should remove these comments, many made under pseudonyms, and preserve the dignity these men deserve.

Their obituary is at:


And honestly truth be known....those boys could not live without the other. They shared a bond only identical twins understand. They were not married. They never had children. My sister and I were as close to their kids as they ever got. They took me to the movies, the circus, the zoo...everywhere as a child. So many wonderful memories of them.


I’m the niece to Kurt and Mike. They were my mother’s baby brothers....6 years younger than she. Mike’s test did come back positive. They suffered from the intestinal symptoms and it appears they died of organ failure from dehydration. They were just too weak to get help. Both boys were the “tough guys” and rarely asked for help of any kind. They were amazing humans and my favorite uncles. This is absolutely devastating to my family. My mother is there making arrangements to get the boys home to Louisiana for burial. They will laid to rest next to their parents at our family cemetery. Please no negative comments. No conspiracy theories. They suffered tremendously before passing in their sleep. Just pray for our family please and wear a mask and wash your hands.


So sorry for your loss. Stay safe


May Kurt and Mike rest in peace. Heather, I am truly sorry for your loss.


A reporter's job is not easy. You are dependent on information dispensed by officials, not always in a timely manner. You are always on a tight deadline and have multiple assignments. Sometimes you just have to go with what you've got. The covid question is definitely one to pursue given the current pandemic. We may learn more later, or we may never know the full story. It depends on the authorities and the family. Reporters work hard and don't make up stuff. They also aren't perfect and do the best they can.

Kyle M Bream

If you've unfortunately ever had to deal with our local "blue" line, then you probably can surmise that our keystone cops have once again bungled up an investigation. Many of us have learned not to trust anything out of their mouths.


On the other hand, "many" of us would disagree with you.


CodyGal reading your posts, it looks like you are the one with an agenda!


My prayers go out to these men's families. I know the heartache of the loss of loved ones at Christmas time.

Once again the typical hype by the writer is getting very old. Maybe just write facts and not speculate what you deem newsworthy? You sound as if you are related to Fauci with all your doom & gloom of everything health wise always being covid related - without any proof whatsoever.


CodyGal- what exactly do you find as hype and speculation in this reporting? And what are your qualifications to critique journalism ?

Hopefully someone will lob spitballs at your " profession" or work ethic out of nowhere , in due return. When the facts do come out about this incident you will wish you hadn't posted this. Reporters don't always report everything they know until the light turns green to do so

Jim Jones


The reporter has tied the simultaneous death of twins to Covid-19 on the thinnest of threads. One twin happened to have tested positive. So what? Why list Covid-19 deaths in Park County when there is no evidence of one twin let alone both brothers dying at the same time of Covid-19? Fake news? Doom porn? Click bait?

The article states "Detectives spent the night on the scene and have ruled out any suspicious circumstances regarding the cause of death." Kindly explain how the simultaneous death of two individuals in the same place doesn't involve suspicious circumstances. If there was an accident, if a car fell off jacks or a heavy bookcase fell and the police withheld the information, the reporter should not have written that the police have ruled out suspicious circumstances without including the cause of death. The last sentence of the article says the incident is still under investigation. There is nothing suspicious, so what is being investigated?

The story more than implies these are Covid-19 related deaths. I'd like to congratulate the reporter on discovering a new mutation of Covid-19: now it can identify a twin and kill both at exactly the same time.

Your call for qualifications to critique journalism is laughable from two perspectives. First, you assume this article is journalism. Second, you've been critiquing everybody and everything on this website for years with absolutely no evidence of knowledge or expertise in any subject.


If they do not have facts, they should not guess or publish there speculation !

Opinions, are like you know what, everybody has one !

You more than most !


Codygal-What isn't a fact in this story? By the way, Covid is a fact in case you haven't heard or your politics won't allow you to acknowledge that.


Please tell us what isn't a fact in this article or what is "hype". If you're referring to Covid, that is a fact and people are dying from it.

Fox Blue River

Umm, I'm not seeing speculation here.


Literally every sentence of this story is a fact. The set of facts provided just doesn't fit into your worldview. The article clearly states the cause of death hasn't been determined and time will eventually tell. Still, the fact that two people caught a potentially deadly virus right before their deaths seems entirely relevant- look up Occam's Razor when you have a chance.

Jim Jones

You actually believe both died simultaneously of Covid-19. Democrats keep trying to make me believe they're rational. None has attempted to make me believe they're logical.


There was proof. Kurt was positive and based on medications on the bedside tables of both Kurt and is to be assumed they both had covid. Which we learned yesterday that mike’s test came back positive.


They both had covid. We got Michael’s test results back yesterday. I’m their niece.


Thanks for the extra info, you shouldn't have had to be forced to reveal your uncles medical issues but the comments forced your hand


Could you please note the sections of the article that sounds like they are related Fauci? Mentioned they were positive for Covid but didn't go beyond that, ruled out suicide and nefarious ending. You, like a reasonable person would, must be drawing conclusion that it may have been health related and you just don't like that it might have actually been that virus you don't believe exist


They both died of covid....confirmed today.

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