The Fishhawk fire rages Wednesday night a few miles from the Camp Buffalo Bill Boy Scout camp. (Photo by Georgina Hopkin)

A little over a month ago people came to the Camp Buffalo Bill Boy Scout camp to celebrate 70 years of existence.

Now its hosting 40 hotshot firefighters who are working to protect the roughly 15 buildings from the approaching Fishhawk Fire. 

“Between the Forest Service and hotshots and others helping, they’re really doing a fantastic job,” said Brad Bodoh, Scout Executive and CEO at Greater Wyoming Council of Boy Scouts of America.

“I’ve got every confidence in the fire teams that are there. All we can do is support them.”

The fire was measured at 10,320 acres Thursday morning and as it has grown it has moved closer to the camp and its collection of historic buildings. 

No one was staying at the camp at the time, and an event scheduled for the weekend was moved.

Bodoh said the camp has been evacuated before, but to hi knowledge its never been quite has threatened.

And what’s threatened is both a popular, useful camp used often and a historic site.

“It provides unique opportunities for Scouts from all over the world,” he said. “It’s where we have the opportunity for a week to teach people character and leadership skills in a different environment than they’re used to.”

The site also features an old ranger cabin from 1910, built well before the camp’s founding and in the same year the founding of the Boy Scouts.

It’s now used as an administration office and houses the camp director.

“It’s really a unique old cabin – you can just see the craftsmanship used,” Bodoh said. “It’s always been a really cool feature of camp and it’d be a shame to lose that.”

He said the hotshots arrived at least as early as Wednesday morning and set to work building firebrakes, setting hand lines, setting up pumps and hoses from the North Fork of the Shoshone River to structures, setting up sprinklers and hoses, 

“They’re working really hard to protect the buildings, not just our but nearby cabins,” Bodoh said. “We’re keeping our fingers crossed and praying for rain.


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