The Wyoming Department of Health is currently investigating a pneumonia break out that has stricken Park County. The state Infectious Disease Epidemiology Program reports 31 people have contracted the infection in recent months.

Most of the pneumonia cases are from elementary-aged children, but the department said children as young as 1 year old and adults up to 41 years old have also been identified.

Not all cases of pneumonia are contagious, but its germs can be spread that lead to pneumonia.

Sporadic cases of the disease were found as early as late February, but contraction appears to have spiked the week of April 29. WDH said cases continue to be reported “with onset of illness within the past several days.”

Most cases of the disease have been found in Cody, but a few recent cases have reached Powell as well.

One recent infected person tested positive for Mycoplasma pneumoniae bacterium. According to the Centers for Disease Control this is sometimes known as “walking pneumonia” since symptoms tend to be milder than other pneumonia caused by other germs.

WDH recently sent three samples to the CDC in Atlanta for testing.

If a person suspects they or their loved one is infected, visit Cody Regional Health or Powell Valley Heathcare for viral and bacteria pathogen testing. The Wyoming Public Health Laboratory in Cheyenne also offers viral testing that is not available locally.

Recommended outpatient antibiotics include azithromycin, clarithromycin and erythromycin.

For more information, assistance with testing, or to report a case of pneumonia, call (888) 996-9104.

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