A grizzly bear and a truck collided along WYO 120 North on May 7, according to the Park County Sheriff’s Office. 

The bear was killed in the incident.

The incident occurred in dark conditions, around 10 p.m., about seven miles north of Cody city limits. Luke Ellsbury, large carnivore biologist for Wyoming Game and Fish, said the bear ran out into the road before the driver could swerve out of the way in his ¾ ton pickup truck.

The truck suffered a dented bumper but no other damage from the accident.

“It’s important to be vigilant when driving, for wildlife mitigation,” Ellsbury said. “Be careful watching on the sides of roads. There are lots of animals traveling this time of year.”

Ellsbury said G&F had prior encounters with the 2-year-old, 180-pound male bear, seen encroaching on town residences in prior instances. He said G&F had been engaging in trapping activities by the canal north of town in pursuit of the bear.

Ellsbury said there are typically 1-2 bear-related vehicle accidents per year on highways around Cody.

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