Cody High School tennis will have a new head coach when practice starts Monday, and longtime coach Norm Sedig isn’t happy about it. 

“I have been on an absolute mental & emotional roller coaster the last few weeks that rivals Trump’s,” Sedig said in an email. 

In early July, he found out that he would not be allowed to return as coach for a 36th season due to “too many incidences of lack of supervision,” per a July 15 email to Sedig from Superintendent Peg Monteith given to the Enterprise.

Sedig has responded by launching an online petition to get his job back that as of Wednesday morning has more than 630 signatures in support of giving the man some call “Coach Seadog” one more turn at the helm. 

Comments have flooded in supporting Sedig, many from former athletes and parents.

“Norm is a great honest man. These young people want him coaching. For once think of the young people,” wrote commenter Shannon Wood. “Stop allowing drama between adults and set an example for the youth.”

Sedig is one of the more decorated coaches in Wyoming history. His tennis teams have won multiple state championships, been state runners-up, and have multiple regional and conference championships, while Sedig himself has been named Wyoming Coach of the Year twice and is a six-time finalist for the Coach of the Year Award from the National High School Coaches Association.

Sedig contends that home school parents brought forth the allegations of the lack of supervision to the board, as well additional allegations of not being careful enough with player safety and not teaching the players the fundamentals of the game. 

Sedig denies the allegations, and provided the Enterprise with letters rebutting each claim. 

He said the only instance he could think of concerning a lack of supervision stemmed from when a parent chaperone reported to him after the fact that students on the back of a bus from Rawlins were using technology and language inappropriately. 

The parent in question was supposed to be supervising that portion of the bus, and Sedig reminded the parent they should have put a stop to the inappropriate behavior or gotten him so that he could deal with it. 

Jason Quigley will take over as head tennis coach at Cody High School. 

When asked, neither Monteith nor the Cody School Board Chair Brandi Nelson would comment on the situation, citing state statutes that prevent them from discussing personnel matters. 

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The hits keep on a comin' for this current school board. Along with paying for two Superintendents at the same time, now they pull this stunt. Obviously this board is over their heads and don't have the proper facilities to manage the school system, not to mention the fact that they are a very childish, immature group of people. What forces of nature brought them all together?


You ask " What forces of nature brought them [ the SD6 school board ] all together ? "

Answer : You did. ( the Voter )


Seems the best way to be relieved from your school position in Cody is to be successful. Ray Schulte, Wy Superintendent of the Year. A month later gone. No explanation, but keeps his $180,000 salary for another year. Tennis coach Sedig. two time Wy coach of the year, six-time finalist for National Coach of Year, removed from that position with a vague explanation. Lesson learned, don't worry about performance, just don't get crossways with the school board.


so much for being a coach and saying hard work comes to good things hard work comes to getting fired but that's the Monteith way

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Four seats which will constitute a majority are up for election this November. Things can change quickly if that happens.

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