A temporary storage tent on Big Horn Avenue was approved by P&Z to remain standing for another year.

After about six months of use, a temporary storage tent owned by rapper-designer Kanye West has received the city’s OK to remain in place on highly visible commercial property for another year.

The structure does not meet the City of Cody’s long-term expectations for commercial property within the city’s entry corridor overlay zone – such as a brick and mortar building with architectural features compatible to surrounding businesses and 5%, three-dimensional landscaping.

But city officials are fine with the temporary situation for now as long as Psalm Cody Commercial, one of several Wyoming limited liability companies founded by West, continues to permanently develop its properties on Cody’s east side.

East-side lots

Last fall West bought the former 3.76-acre Mountain Equipment lot with a two-suite office and shop at 3202 Big Horn across from Fremont Motors.

Psalm Cody Commercial owns five other mostly vacant lots on the south side of Big Horn Avenue generally located between Sherwin Williams and T-O Engineers. Two of the properties have frontage along Big Horn while the other three are farther to the south off side streets. The Eleutian Technology building owned by Forward Cody borders the southernmost lots.

Original permit

In October the city planning and zoning board granted a request by Psalm Cody Commercial to erect a temporary 4,800-square-foot, fabric-covered hoop barn with concrete floor. The company was to remove the tent within 60 days after an 180-day temporary occupancy period, which started in March after the structure had been erected.

On Aug. 24, Jacob Zindroski, representing the West team, sent city planner Todd Stowell a statement from Yeezy asking the P&Z to add one year to the team’s original six-month request.

Three phases

Addressing long-term plans in the statement, Zindroski said the company is developing the properties on Big Horn Avenue in three phases.

Phase 1 was accomplished Aug. 25 when P&Z members voted unanimously to extend the temporary permit.

Details of Phase 2, with a potential spring 2021 start, are not yet determined; however, plans apparently involve permanent storage buildings.

“It might consist of steel structures for phasing of construction to the overall site plan,” Zindroski wrote.

Phase 3 is when larger construction on the former Mountain Equipment property and adjacent lots would occur.

“It will include workspaces for fabrication and (research and development),” the letter reads. “During these phases there will be a transition into the newly developed workspaces. If intermediate buildings have been constructed to transition into those spaces, they will be removed or re-evaluated at a later set time.”

A start date for the final phase is not yet set, and the letter sent by Zindroski reminds the city the phases are speculative. It promises to continue working with the P&Z board as the project evolves.

Progress required

The P&Z’s one-year extension is granted on condition Psalm Cody Commercial submits a site plan for Phase 2 commercial development in a timely manner.

“Staff want assurance they are moving forward,” Stowell said.

Deadline set

Stowell said he was not surprised West’s team found that six months were not enough time to develop a plan for the property and construct new buildings.

P&Z member Richard Jones concurred.

“I thought six months was a little ambitious,” he said.

Because the initial review was “definitely based on the commitment that the tent was temporary,” Stowell said it is appropriate for the city to extend the timeline, provided Psalm Cody Commercial remains committed to further developing the site with permanent structures.

He recommended the P&Z board let the temporary tent remain as is until Sept. 15, 2021, on condition the company submits a site plan application for Phase 2 by April 26.

“This extension and application deadline should allow sufficient time for enough of Phase 2 to be constructed to allow for moving all contents from the temporary tent (to a permanent structure) by Nov. 15, 2021,” Stowell wrote in an agenda summary.

If a site plan is not submitted by the April deadline, P&Z board members may review the situation and decide if the tent extension should be canceled for lack of compliance, he said.

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IN or bust

Would make a good tent for elk season

Jim Jones

Isn't this the same Cody government that allowed a rather expensive home to be built onto a city setback and then feigned ignorance for months until called out in public at a city council meeting? It seems wealth and connections just might get you better treatment from planning and zoning. I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

Gunrunner Auctions

Of course!


Let’s see ... the tent is nice looking for a temp building, so what’s it hurt? The Swans lot used to display big machinery. Now that’s eye appealing! What’s really at Issue is people don’t want Kanye in Cody providing work for contractors and adding jobs and (gasp) attracting big city Liberal folk. The Kanye team asked for six months. The city would have given more at first but Psalm Cody apparently was overly optimistic. Are people wanting the P&Z To treat him worse than other businesses So they run Kanye out. How do the many Cody contractors gaining work In city limits and in the county through Kanye’s vision feel? Even if it all caves tomorrow the celeb has put Cody on the map and tourist businesses have to love that. Honestly, why are people complaining? No rules were broken. They just underestimated how much time it would take to get the ball rolling.


Gemstore, you miss the point. History shows that both building officials and the p and z board have raked local business people over the coals and have cost them tremendous amounts of money for "upgrades" when they weren't needed. Now, you have some hollywood type that rolls into town, puts up a 'tent' on Big Horn Avenue while everyone else has to be a real brick and mortar, then when the 6 mo. temporary permit expires, we'll "hey no problem Mr. west!" Anybody else and the p and z would be burning the tent down themselves. "Starstruck" ??? You bet that both town hall and its p and z board are going to pull out all of the brakes for this Kanye and crew. SELL OUTS!

Jim Jones

Now let's be fair, they haven't raked every local over the coals. They were perfectly fine letting one local build his giant house in the wrong place while ignoring neighbors' complaints for months. Until they were called out in public at a city council meeting.

Gunrunner Auctions

You gotta be kidding Gemstone... This Conway (or whatever is name is) is a joke. So you think a CA guy (he doesn't really live in Cody) who is "running for president" under the absurd name of "Birthday Party" (so pitiful an idea that he didn't even get enough signatures to run in Wyoming (the vast majority in Wyoming are good conservatives and don't even know who this scammer is). This CA rapper is simply duping some of the Cody people so he can get a goofy piece on the next pitiful "reality show". Open your eyes! After he gave that "gospel show" (read that as his first scam on the town if you ignore his hazing of wildlife with an ATV) and IMMEDIATELY the video generated by a helicopter (hasn't he ever heard of a drone?) went to his extremely loopy 49 minute film which was a total flop. Gemstone: Please contact some of Cody's contractors and they will tell horror stories of not getting paid for FOUR MONTHS and some not at all. Not ONE PERSON out of town has ever mentioned to me that they came to see this CA rapper I know thousands of people in Cody and NOT ONE listens to his filthy rapping. He's not a big deal. We've had lots of people living in Cody and Jackson who could buy and sell Conway ten times over. Big deal. You're clearly a sycophant Gemstone.

Dave Cannon

what's next for our sell out city council and p/z board? Require all citizens of Cody to wear Yeezy?


It's just plain amazing that this Conway West character can pull anything he wants to around here and our officials just look the other way. Mr. Mayor, Council and the folks at Forward Cody take note...you've done absolutely nothing to work with local business people to build the economy yet will wait on Mr. West hand and foot. That's a sign of amateurism and poor leadership

Gunrunner Auctions

Extremely well stated TaxZ. Google this CA rapper and his wife and post what you see (actually you can't post much because the song lyrics and the hideous video are not fit for public display). P/Z and our loopy city council are getting scammed BIG TIME, but they don't see it. Pitiful. But guess what? The scammer knows that and that's why he came here. I will make a bet he is laughing up his sleeve because it's "mission completed". WHY DOES NOT ONE RESEARCH his backgrounds but me? One swoop through Google about these darling CA types and you "get it". WHY would P/Z and City Council have their heads in the sand? Follow the money.

(Edited by staff.)


Of course it can[wink]

barbed wire bliss

Psalm Cody Commercial...such an upstanding and reverent sounding name. Ya gotta hand it to Kanye and his marketing execs...they know how to work it, don't they? And what better place than Cody? Once we get legalized gambling in place, we'll be ready to reach our full potential as the quintessential western town. Heck, we already have an organized group of armed vigilantes to mind the stores. Yee-haw. Even Clint Eastwood couldn't make this stuff up.

Fox Blue River

Cool, somebody will be getting a good deal on a tent soon.


There it sets empty promises


proof positive that the stagnant "leadership" around here along with it's starstruck P & Z force is putting all their eggs into the Kanye basket. Anybody else, especially a local business person would of had the 6 month terms enforced and that tent structure would be going down. Pititful

Dave Cannon



"Starstruck?" P&Z does not discriminate based on politics or personality. An applicant either meets the criteria for their permit or not. The City Council gives final approval. Kanye seems to be bringing an existing business to Cody and has not asked for any "special" consideration. The business will succeed or fail on its own merits, the City does not pick winners and losers. I'm assuming you don't like the concept of equality under the law.


the 6 mo permit has EXPIRED, Mr. jones. What is it about rules that you don't understand? yes, apparently you are STARSTRUCK with your new pal Kanye. If this was a locally owned business, the p and z would personally be dismantling this tent. Don't preach to us about equality

KB Rand

rbjones (P & Z member), where were you when Kanye's Big Horn Avenue property was chock full of noxious and illegal weeds? It took weeks and weeks of complaints to you until finally that mess got mowed down? Where were you when , according to the tent permit, the landscaping agreed upon didn't even start? And you preach to your constituents about equality?


His team has not been in compliance with anything even in Chicago New York and California check your records before you approve

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