A pedestrian pathway along Roberts Street is coming more into reality as new subdivisions along the street enter into agreements to build stretches of the pathway along the property.

On Aug. 24, City of Cody Planning and Zoning members unanimously recommended city council approve a two-lot subdivision on Roberts Street along with a requirement the land owner pay for a pedestrian walkway along the property.

Landowner Mike Pederson said he was thrilled to be able to support the pathway.

It’s the second such agreement made in recent months, with Planning and Zoning Director Todd Stowell expecting another approval in the near future.

If that one goes through as well, 794 feet of the roughly 2,500-foot length of Roberts Street from Big Horn Avenue to E Avenue would be slated to have an 8-12-foot-wide pedestrian pathway.

While one of the subdivisions lies on the east side of the road, Stowell told P&Z members the general consensus was now to have the pathway completed on the west side of the road. He said they’ll work out a way for that subdivision to fund the pathway on the other side.

For the subdivisions the project replaces the usual requirement to provide curb and gutter along the city street. Stowell said since there is no established curb or gutter system on Roberts, the pathway plan was preferable in the short term.

“Roberts Street is a pretty major spot with pedestrian traffic,” Stowell said. “I suspect we’ll have more traffic if we actually have pedestrian facilities.”

That plan is also beginning down on 29th Street, although that project is much further along, with the city committing money to fill in the gaps after a couple of large subdivisions agreed to fund parts of it.

“I think the requirement to put in the pathway is a good start,” P&Z chair Richard Jones said.

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