Jessica Case

Former teacher Jessica Case is making a run for the Cody School Board.

“For me, school board is all about the kids,” Case said. “I have my own son in the high school and obviously I care about his education, but I also have over 40 former students from the preschool where I worked and I remain committed to them and their education as well.”

Case brings experience as a teacher, and also has years of experience working with parent focus groups and the Park County Library Board, where she helped develop the library’s strategic plan, something also coming up for the school board.

“Looking ahead will be very important, and I have experience in that,” Case said. “I also helped with the budget when on the library board. … Providing the best education we can with financial constraints will be a challenging task that I feel I am experienced in and can help contribute.”

When it comes to the looming budget cuts, Case wants to find ways to trim the fat where the board can. She cited a trip to Houston paid for by the district where all the representatives from Cody had their own hotel rooms as one area where cuts could be made.

“Little things like that add up,” she said.

How the board discusses things like cutting the budget or other changes is something else that’s important to Case.

“I think boards need to model the same things they want to see in the student body,” she said. “I have no tolerance for bullying or mudslinging or some of the things that I’ve seen in the past on our school boards. I would be a team player who would be honored to give back to my community.”

A big-picture thinker, Case also hopes to use the lessons learned from the pandemic and that can tie into the strategic plan to build a stronger education system in Cody.

“My hope is that we come back not only as good as we were before but potentially better because of what we’ve learned during this time,” she said. “We don’t want to just do what we’ve always been doing because that’s how we’ve always done it. We need to look at the world that’s changing, the jobs that are changing, the post-graduate education opportunities and make sure that we are in sync with those future possibilities.”

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