As 2020 drew to a close, the road signs of Park County came under siege. Reports from the Park County Sheriff’s Office indicated several signs had been stolen in a string of thefts in rural areas around Powell and Clark last month. Some traffic cones were also stolen. These thefts came on the heels of a speed limit sign being stolen at the end of November last year.

In addition to signs being stolen, several speed limit signs and a Road 12 intersection sign were tampered with, according to Sheriff’s office spokeswoman Charla Baugher.

The thefts of the signs are being investigated by the Sheriff’s Office and they have no suspects at this time, though they do not think the events are related.

Stealing road signs in this way presents not only a financial inconvenience for the county – public works operations coordinator Aaron Rose valued the lost signs and traffic cones at $550, not including labor costs to install the new signs – but also a public safety hazard.

“The Shoshone Irrigation District was doing some work by Lane 6,” Rose said. “Some ‘Road Closed’ signs were taken, some cones were taken. They were doing some digging and if someone had gotten into the area at night and not known about the work they could have had an accident.”

Curve warning signs were also taken, creating potential hazards for drivers as well.

If you have any information about the stolen signs, contact the Park County Sheriff’s Office at (307) 527-8700 or (307) 754-8700.

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