WYDOT crews erect signs to keep drivers from making unsafe turns in the construction area.

On Monday afternoon around 5:30, a silver Chevy with Park County plates crashed through a road-closed sign and was a hair’s breadth away from colliding with a skid steer and operator working on the intersection at 16th and Sheridan Avenue, said Ed Epperson, who is overseeing the work with his company, S&S Builders.

The truck hit a curb and popped into the air, somehow avoiding hitting any fresh concrete or workers before crash landing in the Denny Menholt parking lot and speeding away.

“It was going fast enough there was daylight under all four tires,” Epperson said. “I thought it T-boned one of the [Denny Menholt] vehicles, it was so loud when it landed.”

The Cody Police Department is investigating the incident and has taken law enforcement action against the driver.

It’s another event in a long series of violations and carelessness by drivers in the Sheridan work zone, primarily from Park County drivers, said WYDOT spokesman Cody Beers.

Beers had a meeting with Cody Mayor Matt Hall, City Administrator Barry Cook and Cody Police Chief Chuck Baker to discuss this latest incident.

“They’re going to look at it pretty hard,” Beers said. “We’re going to have some enhanced enforcement there.”

Beers said that it will likely include an increase in issuing tickets for illegal left-hand turns made onto North 16th.

At Tuesday night’s city council meeting, Chief Baker said police would be a bigger presence around the area to deter people from ignoring signs.

“That left-hand turn is a very unsafe turn,” he said.

Since the Sheridan construction project resumed in August, the police officers have tracked at least three crashes, five complaints, and issued at least 26 warnings in the zone. The Sheriff’s Office also issued one warning in that time frame.

“Please, people, respect the traffic controls down on Main Street,” Hall said in a video message on Wednesday. “It certainly does not help when people ignore the traffic signs and then display their personal frustrations by making obscene gestures at the construction workers, 90% of whom live either in Cody or Park County.”

In a span of about five minutes spent at the 16th & Sheridan intersection Tuesday morning, the Enterprise witnessed no fewer than three people trying to make an illegal left turn, and at least one instance of the so-called “single-finger salute” being directed at members of the construction crew.

Left-hand turns through the construction zone are illegal. Beers also encouraged driver, to make special note of the stop lines ahead of the traffic lights at 16th. Beers said those stop lines are farther back to give semi-trucks the room they need to turn on Sheridan.

(Zac Taylor contributed to this report)

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If the police hung around every intersection handing out tickets all day, people would complain that all the police did all day was hand out tickets at intersections.


Four days later and the name of the perp has still not been released, even though the driver was arrested right away.. Only two explanations for that omission : lazy journalism or some kind of coverup.

At 4:06pm that day a Cody PD officer issued a warning for the Illegal Left Turn violation in that intersection . Article says this incident occurred an hour later. Yet the Cody PD rolling log ( public ) makes no mention of the incident or a subsequent arrest at all. No booking photo at the Crowbar Hilton either.

Why is that ?

smokey 045

jersey barriers?

Jim Jones

Working street construction on Sheridan Avenue is more dangerous than Covid-19.

barbed wire bliss

Where is Cody PD? Have they been defunded or what?


How about Cody P.D. just start patrolling all of our streets ? People run the light at 17th, and Stampede all day long everyday ! How about 8th street, and Canyon Ave., again people run this light all day long ! People run every stop sign, and every light in this town all day, every day, 24/7/365 ! Why ? Because Cody P.D. is not cruising the streets, though they do like to park out on west Yellowstone at the curve ! We pay them to patrol, to preempt crime, if possible ! For every ticket written, the city gets a cut, and someone realizes they can not just do what they want when they want ! Every year there are 90 plus roadway workers killed, just trying to earn a living, feed their families, and provide a service to licensed drivers, and their families !

Malin Foster

Issuing warning tickets doesn't work, especially with scofflaws. In such cases as described in this article, the only effective deterrent is arrest, booking and maximum-plus fines. The construction workers involved are put at sufficient risk by simply going to work in the morning. They don't need extra hazards. And, a special note to Cody Police: There's a small fortune to be made here by aggressively enforcing traffic regulations -- which you do not. It's much safer driving in Los Angeles, Denver, Seattle, Washington, DC--and Ucross of course. I've done all six. Driving here is life-threatening any day of any week of any year. Folks just don't seem to care. Cuff 'em cops!

Fox Blue River

Meth, not even once.


Fox blue that was uncalled for very unprofessional

Fox Blue River

I'm supposed to be professional towards a drunk psychotic maniac behind the wheel of a truck? What in God's name are you talking about Trumper?


Besides I don't think our Police department can see behind those new sunglasses that the taxpayers money paid for

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