Drew Togher

In recent months two different individuals have been caught trespassing on Kanye West’s ranch.

Denver resident Drew Togher, 22, is facing charges in Park County circuit court for criminal trespassing, after allegedly refusing to leave the ranch property on June 14.

When authorities arrived at the property at 6:50 a.m., they were told Togher had been instructed to leave the property multiple times over the 30 minutes security members had contact with the man.

West’s security force pointed out to him at least six private property signs that are visible at the ranch.

According to deputy Ethan Robinson, Togher said, “he was trying to meet Kanye” when stopped and asked to leave. He refused to leave immediately because he said the staff withheld his ID.

As the conversation continued, Togher became agitated and impatient and, “at one point Drew held up his hand and motioned it in a way as to hurry up,” Robinson said.

Due to his impatience and lack of commitment not to return to the ranch, Robinson placed Togher under arrest.

In May, Powell resident Henry Waters was also cited for trespassing at the ranch, speeding past security guards despite their attempts to stop him.

According to the sheriff’s office report, when security guards came upon Waters in his vehicle, they noticed his pants were down with a towel over his lap, and appeared to be masturbating.

“(The security guard) said he did not see anything, but knew what (Waters) had been doing,” Robinson said in the report.

Waters told Robinson he had been driving back from Mississippi, where he had been the past few weeks with a female, whom he did not engage in sexual relations with.

Deputy prosecuting attorney Jack Hatfield said apparently Robinson didn’t see enough evidence to charge Waters with indecent exposure, and cited him for criminal trespassing with a verbal trespass from the property.

Hatfield said Waters is not related to Circuit Court Judge Bruce Waters, who will preside over his case.

Togher is no longer in custody after his initial $5,000 cash only bond was lowered to a $5,000 personal recognizance/signature bond. According to his inmate file, Togher listed his occupation as “celebrity driver.”

Hatfield said Togher’s mother informed him her son is a diagnosed schizophrenic. He said he expects this case to be dismissed.

Waters was never arrested and has a $1,000 PR/signature bond.

For Waters, Hatfield said he will not accept a plea deal unless it involves jail time.

“I want to send a message to people to leave (West) alone,” he said.

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Jim Jones

"Waters was never arrested and has a $1,000 PR/signature bond." How in the does one get to fork over a $1,000 bond in lieu of being jailed without ever being arrested?


His security also thinks they own the highway and have threatened anyone who stops along the highway, an older man taking a sunset photo was harassed as was a family letting a group of pronghorn cross who pulled over to watch them go across the highway. Just what we do not need in park county is more transplants like the Wests.

Wyoming resident

I wish they would go back to California where they came from. We don’t need their type of people in our state.

Malin Foster

[whistling] We knew Kanye would bring us new life and times -- didn't we?


Assistant Co. Attorney Hatfield wants to send a message of "leave Kanye alone" but...would he do the same for the everyday citizens around here? Has Kanye "bought" our lil po - dunk Co. attorneys office?

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