Support for the way both Gov. Mark Gordon and local governments are handling the coronavirus is high, according to a survey by the University of Wyoming.

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Wyoming grew Sunday afternoon to 313.

The survey of 494 Wyoming residents, conducted Monday, is the second on coronavirus-related issues to be conducted by the Survey and Analysis Center.

Of those polled, 76.1% approved of the way Gordon is handling the pandemic, while 20.8% disapprove, for a net approval rating of 55.3 points. The net approval rating is a decline of 12.6 points from the previous survey conducted two weeks ago.

At the local level, 77.4% of those questioned approve of the way their local government and health officials are handling the coronavirus outbreak, while 18.6% disapprove — a net approval rating of 58.8 points, which is a decline of 2.7 percentage points from two weeks ago.

Both marks are far better than those given Congress for its handling of the situation, according to the survey, which had a margin of error of 4.4%.

Most of those questioned, 49.5%, disapprove of the way Congress is dealing with the issue, while 41.9% approve, for an overall approval rating of -7.6 points.

On other issues, 39.5% of those questioned say they or members of their immediate family have lost their jobs or been laid off because of the coronavirus and 61.1% say they or someone in their family has seen their work hours or pay cut.

The survey also indicates a growing level of concern with the impact of coronavirus on the economy, with 74.3% saying they are very concerned, an increase of 2.9 percentage points over two weeks ago.

A majority of those questioned also said they have changed their habits in recent weeks, with 77% saying they are avoiding physical contact with others and spending more time at home and 51.8% saying they are declining visits from family and friends.

Brian Harnisch, senior research scientist in charge of the survey project, said his group will continue to conduct surveys through the pandemic.

As of Sunday afternoon, Laramie County had 71 cases; Teton County had 62; Fremont County had 49; Natrona County had 38; Campbell County had 13; Sheridan had 12; Johnson had 11; Sweetwater had 10; Converse had nine; Uinta and Albany had six; Lincoln and Washakie had five; Carbon and Crook had four, and Goshen had three. Big Horn, Hot Springs, Niobrara, Park and Sublette counties had one case each.

The number of people to have recovered from the illness since it first surfaced in Wyoming also increased on Friday, growing by 19 to total 206. That means almost 68% of those diagnosed with the illness have recovered.

Full recovery is defined as occurring when a patient shows no symptoms of coronavirus for three days and has taken no medication for fever reduction.

In other developments:

Cody hospital update

Now that a plan to deal with a surge of COVID-19 patients is well in place, and with sharp reduction in the amount of patients going to the viral screening unit, hospital staff and board members are looking at ways to open up some more service in the future, such as again allowing some elective procedures. 

That was one of the themes of discussion Friday afternoon during a virtual update with hospital staff and board members.

CEO Doug McMillin said staff would be evaluating those possibilities going forward. Already, the screening unit set up to test potential COVID-19 patients is set to be scaled back to just afternoon hours, seven days a week, due to a lower volume of patients entering. 

The hospital also now has a limited ability to perform a new rapid COVID-19 test which cuts the time down to just minutes as opposed to two days. 


A “new normal”

Gov. Mark Gordon cautioned Wyoming residents Wednesday at a press briefing to expect a “new normal” once the current severe restrictions and recommendations in place for COVID-19 begin to be lifted.

At the same time, he said orders wouldn’t be lifted without looking at data and making sure efforts to flatten the curve of the virus have been successful in avoiding a surge that could overwhelm hospitals. 

Gordon did say the state response is entering a new, stabilization phase, as officials look at how to possibly modify, or ease some restrictions if data improves. But even when those eased restrictions happen, he said it will be a year to a year and a half for the state to see a recovery of its economy. 

“Our economy is going to be different from this day forward for a awhile,” he said.

Pay cuts: Cheyenne officials have decided to suspend pay for 303 of the city’s employees in the face of declining tax income. The city will also be reducing its expenditures by 10% to accommodate declines in both mineral and sales and use taxes. “When we don’t have revenues, we need to cut expenses,” said Mayor Marian Orr. Staff members will have the option to use vacation time or sick days to continue getting paid.

Return delayed: Two Wyoming Army National Guard units have had their overseas missions extended by two months because travel restrictions have made it impossible for them to be replaced. The units contain about 125 soldiers in total and the Wyoming Army National Guard said units set to replace the Wyoming troops cannot travel because of coronavirus restrictions.

Making masks: A Laramie business is teaming up with a nonprofit organization to sew and distribute cloth face masks around the community. Atmosphere Mountainworks, which sells handmade outdoor gear, is having its staff make the masks for use by Laramie residents. Laramie High School students are helping create a donation page for the effort and spread the word on social media and to deliver the masks.

Shifting focus: An Evanston “escape room” business has shifted its focus during the coronavirus pandemic to remain in activity. The iSolvU Escape Room has launched an online trivia contest where teams can use web-based video conferencing to take part in trivia battles. Winners receive prizes including gift certificates to other Evanston businesses.

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I won't wear a mask no matter what the commies want because I'm immune to Everything

My mother cleaned my face her whole life by spitting on a kleenex she had in her sleeve

And one of my 6 siblings either licked, took a bite, or spit on everything I've ever eaten

I use germs like you use salt

James Leghorn

Gus; He also did not say what year, the gift that keeps on giving like West Nile virus. Let the Liberals keep on "Social Distancing" the rest of us need to Physical Distance a minimum of 7 meters, wise use of PPE to get back to work, the teaching of good hygiene, screening of symptoms of cronies virus at the job site before going to work etc., just a thought! Lock out all those out of state fishermen especially those from Colorado, Utah, Montana,, South Dakota and Nebraska, just saying.


President Trump said the virus will be gone by April. He didn't say whether it would early or mid-April so all you whiners hold your fire.


we will never know here in Cody Wyoming the only way you can know if you have coronavirus is test test test and Cody officials are unable to do the testing why,? The more you test the more results you'll get to be able to isolate the coronavirus and reopen society


What Dr. Dump didn't say is what year it would be gone. I bow to his great medical knowledge and willingness to reach across the isle and save Americans.

T. Standig

How many Corona deaths have incurred in Wyoming? The answer is, "0". Now, let's do some math: Divide the number of deaths (0) by the Wyoming population (535,000+/-) the answer is 0%. Yet, these health "officials" have leveraged the system to absolutely ruin the Wyoming economy (and possibly benefit from the aftermath). When your bank is hollering for your car payment, when your house gets foreclosed and you're thrown out into the street...when that cop, who's been pressured by his superiors to write you that BS ticket to reclaim lost revenues...when the "essential" people who've been allowed to work and earn paychecks, along with the still paid govt. officials, mayors, council members, county commissioners, etc., are all of a sudden the people who will then buy your foreclosed house for pennies to the dollar...well, you need to ask yourself "why did I allow these so called essential people to crash and burn the economy" and now "take all that I've worked hard for and earned" away from me!?

T. Standig

Oops, now "1" person has supposedly died..BUT, like many supposed Corona deaths, there was an underlying condition. If I get hit by a car and die, is that because of corona virus? If I'm on my deathbed and due to die any day of terminal cancer...and in my last breathes "catch" the virus...did it kill me or the cancer? Meanwhile, like I said earlier, the "essential" folks will be owning the non-essential ones, soon. They're the ones with the jobs before, during and after this supposed pandemic and they're the ones that will soon be ruling. All the think it's bad now...but you're soon to be "rulers" will be taking whats left of anything you own real soon


The president has said many times that anyone who wants to be tested can be tested, so why all the whining about tests?


Not true never left up to the individual, only with medical recommendation.


It has become evident that our elected leaders are willing to “flood the village to save it” in regards to COVID-19 policies & decisions. Closing our economy, violating our Constitutional liberties and resorting to scare tactics will not stop the COVID-19 virus from spreading, in the short and medium term, only herd immunity can do that.

Leadership requires individuals who are capable of making calm, balanced & intelligent decisions by thinking critically about the consequences of these decisions. Unfortunately, these traits are far too scarce today. Perhaps our elected leaders will finally understand this when they too are unemployed, refused admission to neighboring states & forced to stay at home.


Enterprise, you might want to change this headline to read "limit NONRESIDENT fishing licenses", as the rest of the article reads.

This headline is now bordering on "clickbait" and plays into the panic of "Oh gee the Government is taking away our rights; we can't even go fish anymore". Please don't feed into the panic.


Just drive downtown lots of out of state vehicles non-essential businesses open such as Wayne boots, native images our officals don't give a you know what!???? what's going on in Cody

Grey fox

Tell happy camper to stay home! Camp grounds are closed anf will be! How about some common sense??

Mike James

Over my dead body will I wear a mask!

Grey fox

Happy camper stay where you are, camp grounds are closed, and will be for a while!! How about a little common sense?

Mike James

Making testing unavailable is how to keep the case load down. Rest assured there would be more cases in Park County if testing was more frequent. But, I have other things to worry about. Like the RV parked across the street with Pennsylvania plates and if I would be ridiculed for wearing a mask into Walmart.


Need to test people in Cody in order to confirm covid 19 not turn everyone away at testing sites do you believe in carma, I do


Surveyed 494 people in the state of Wyoming out of 500,000 people, let's an interview more than 1% of our population to find out if they're satisfied cuz I sure and satisfied with the job our local officials ain't doing

Calamity girl

Governor Gordon is a gutless wonder with a word that is not honest. With all the equipment going to hot spots, now you know what it's like to be forgotten. He left us from the Roosevelt fire in Hoback Ranches hanging, waiting for help, and he turned his back on us. He still won't do the right thing by holding out to shelter in place order. Let's dump Gordon!


To my pal Fox Blue River: Lots and lots of conservative Christians out there risking their lives even for people like you who hate them, starting with Samaritan's Purse, which has dozens of "conservative Christians" right in the heart of the horror in Italy, New York and elsewhere. You know why? Because that's what their beliefs motivate them to do. And your beliefs motivate you to do... What?


We are looking to arrive in Wyoming sometime in early May, and staying for approx. four months. We are currently located in the Southeast, and our travel plans, of course, could be altered by coronavirus concerns. We are full-time rv'ers and are wondering if campgrounds could be forced to close.


if there's nothing going on with the coronavirus here in Cody Wyoming then why are we shutting down testing for the people that might need it and only keeping it for our elite CODY LIVES MATTER UNLESS YOUR A TOP OFFICIALS


So I'm middle class in Cody my job's not important enough or my life's not important enough to be able to be tested in the state of Wyoming what a bunch of hogwash that sounds like discrimination to me are health officials need to wake up there's more people besides themI'm almost ashamed to say that I live in Cody Wyoming when I hear that kind of irresponsible talk Matt Hall you should be sticking up for your people that voted you in oh you must be one that they saving test for you need to speak up or step out


Very concerned with all the out of state vehicles all of a sudden here. I hope no one is renting their homes. Saw 6 today.


One has to wonder why Wyoming still lacks a shelter in place requirement.  Are we trying to win a prize by being the last state in the union to do so?  Perhaps it’s due to people such as Campbell County’s own State Rep. Scott Clem who are asking the governor to reconsider his orders closing businesses and limiting gatherings to no more than 10 people.  In his letter to the governor Clem wrote that he can see no "end-game" to the business closures.  Odd to use the word game when talking about peoples lives.  This is not a game and I urge each of you to request the governor issue a shelter in place order.  The only thing we can win by being last is more people infected by COVID-19.


If you knew the facts you would know that our guidelines are more stringent than the state that have shelter in place, as per Dr Fauci in todays briefing just a play on words and a little matter of the constitution my friend, next could take your gun take your vehicle or better yet your over 60 stay in the house period. Some of our friends would be ok with the Philippine dictator edit if you go out you can get shot.

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