Three vehicle burglaries and multiple criminal entries into a vehicle were reported to the Park County Sheriff’s Dispatch Center on Oct. 4.

All of the incidents were located in the area of East and West Christy Lane at Lane 8 ½ in Powell. The first call was received at 9:42 a.m, the victim reported that items were missing from his truck. The next calls came in at 12:55 p.m. and 4:08 p.m. reporting two more vehicles with items missing. Another victim in the area reported, at 10:50 a.m, that multiple vehicles on the property appeared to have been rifled through, with no items reported as stolen.

The Park County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s help. Anyone having any information about the crimes is encouraged to call (307) 754-8700 or 527-8700. The Park County Sheriff’s Office also offers a “Tip Line” that can be utilized at

The Park County Sheriff’s Office also wants to remind everyone that auto burglary is typically a crime of opportunity. A few extra steps can sometimes mean protecting your valuables including:

• Lock the doors and roll up the windows, including the sunroof.

• Do not leave valuables in the vehicle if it can be avoided.

• Lock items up in the trunk or completely out of sight before you arrive on site, avoid storing items after you park.

• Keep all electronic chords, docking stations, or power adapters out of sight, even if the device is not with them.

• Do not leave electronic devices in a vehicle powered on. Sometimes the Bluetooth or other paring option can be detected making your vehicle more attractive.

• Choose well lit busy areas to park if possible.

• If you have anti-theft devices on your vehicle, utilize them.

• Don’t leave a garage door opener in plain view.

While there is no complete guarantee that anything listed above will protect your vehicle from being broken into, it certainly can lessen the chances of the loss of valuables. As in most crime prevention ideas, vigilance and knowledge go a long way.

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