Curtis Muecke, 12, lays with pigs Coconut, Hazel and Peanut after showing Friday at the Park County Fair.

Joe Bridges said the animal sale at the Park County Fair this year was “absolutely fantastic.”

The chairman of the Junior Livestock Sale Committee said this year’s auction exceeded last year’s despite the situation.

“The overall dollars were our highest ever, goats were the highest ever, rabbits were the highest ever,” he said. “The averages were up for all species except beef.”

And as for why the sale topped $457,000 in total, more than $43,000 more than the high-water mark set at the 2019 auction, he said it was all due to the generosity of county residents.

“The Park County community as a whole, whenever there is an adverse thing going on, that’s when they step up,” Bridges said. “If we could have been close to last year that would have been a win and we blew that out of the water.”

The Park County Fair this year lacked many of the typical attractions of years past, but Bridges thought the outpouring of support from the community was due to several factors.

“One, the kids did a great job of getting out and inviting people to see what we had to offer,” he said. “Any time the kids get out there like that we always get more people coming to the sale.”

Bridges also attributed the success to some new buyers, including volume buyers, and the old guard setting the tone early on in the sale.

“Our core buyers stepped up right out of the gate,” he said. “They were willing to get in there and buy animals right away and set the mark.”

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