After suspecting a Cody woman was being assaulted inside her home on the night of Dec. 20, Cody Police Officer Mark Martinez rushed into the home, only to witness the woman forcefully striking her boyfriend in the face and head as he attempted to leave the residence with his suitcase in hand.

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Mel Rose

Yes, a lot of bad guys and crooks in town, Cops included. The only difference is, police are licensed thuggery

Dewey Vanderhoff

Based entirely on the last couple weeks of Cody PD rolling logs and news accounts, I've concluded the broadcasters and streamers are missing a golden opportunity if they don't spool up a " Real Girlfriends and Boyfriends of Wyoming " series. A monthly melange of Wyoming homegrown Darwin Awards video is also a sure bet.

Tom Conners

I seems the younger the generations, the less morals and ethics they have...a real trait of the territory.

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