CHEYENNE, Wyo. – Gov. Mark Gordon and Secretary of State Ed Buchanan have sent a letter to the National Rifle Association inviting the NRA to explore relocation of its Virginia operation to Wyoming. 

The letter highlights the state’s business-friendly tax environment, Wyoming’s eager workforce and the population’s strong support for Second Amendment rights. 

It also notes some of the firearms manufacturers in the state, including Gunwerks in Cody and Weatherby in Sheridan.

Gordon is a lifetime member of the NRA and believes the right to bear arms is fundamental. He said owning guns was part of a way of life growing up on his family ranch in Kaycee and remains so today. 

The Governor signed multiple pieces of legislation in 2021, which reinforce existing firearms laws in Wyoming, and he has also helped facilitate the relocation of several firearms manufacturing businesses to Wyoming.

Buchanan is an avid hunter, firearms enthusiast and longtime member of the NRA.  

“I received my first rifle on the ranch when I was age 12 and have had a great reverence for the Second Amendment ever since,” he said.  

As a member of the Wyoming House of Representatives, Buchanan sponsored or supported several pieces of pro-Second Amendment legislation and voted in favor of legislation on the castle doctrine and the Wyoming Firearms Freedom Act. As the secretary of state, he has also continued to recruit firearms and ammunition manufacturers to Wyoming.

“Wyoming citizens value our state’s customs, culture and  pro-second amendment laws,” Gordon said. “We will always protect personal freedoms, and those of businesses involved in the firearms industry. All of this, plus our great hunting and other outdoor opportunities, make Wyoming an ideal place for the National Rifle Association to consider home.” 

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Jim Guelde

The National Rifle Association is an organization of five and a half million dues-paying members... members like my two career Army sons and my many grandsons and granddaughters. Out of 65 million American gun owners, fewer than 7 million support any gun rights group, leaving a small band to do the heavy lifting while folks like Mr. Conger snipe at us.

The NRA is far from perfect, but there are too few on the firing line to indulge in petty disagreements over how much money the NRA spent on toilet paper. As Winston Churchill said in 1941... "If Hitler invaded Hades, I would make at least a favorable reference to the Devil in the House of Commons."

Scott Conger

Jim, you know, after reading Dewey's response that "for every gun-friendly business" that would come here, 5-10 would take a pass, I am rethinking my position: I do think that while I do not care much for their present board or CEO, the NRA might in fact act similarly to how a fumigant keeps vermin out. As a fair minded individual, I'm not t0o proud to admit that I was wrong. Thank you for the enlightenment, Dewey.

Tom Conners

Makes one wonder who is buttering who's toast.Birds of a feather flock together.

Scott Weber

A perfect fit: NRA and Wyoming. It's far away from the corrupt cities and judges and their large staff can enjoy Wyoming hunting and shooting like Weatherby's staff is doing.

Cheyenne or Sheridan would be best, but gee wouldn't it be GREAT to have them land in Jackson Holefornia.... I can hear the lily-livered liberals yelling from here.

Kinda like having Dick Cheney and Liz Cheney living in Jackson Holefornia. The liberals do a slow burn when their arch enemy is about....

Love it!

Dewey Vanderhoff

Nothing says " Come to Wyoming" to the rest of the world like extending a gilded invitation to a neurotically gun luvvin' organization that promotes domestic terrorism , always denying that rampant gun violence has anything to do with them and their political activism since the 1970's.

By all means. broadcast it far and wide that Wyoming want the NRA to relocate here. That would be one of the best ways imaginable to dissuade other more contemporary productive businesses and hiring industries to look elsewhere for relocating, or even doing business here at all. For every gun-friendly business coming to Wyoming to set up shop, there are 3-5 - 10 who would look upon that and decide to be elsewhere in disgust. When it comes to firearms, we are not one nation. The NRA cannot claim to have more than 4 million enrolled members, and less than 20 percent of American gun owners claim NRA membership. That means 340 million Americans do not belong to the NRA and most gun owners want little or nothing to do with them . The organization is corrupt ; faltering ; maybe failing. Certainly desparate. But the NRA makes most of the noise and smoke about firearms proliferation. They have the audacity to insist that gun rights are absolute...divine, even , since the prevailing belief is all rights come from a certain deity. Except they would have to add the jawbones of donkeys to their armories to uphold that belief .

Bottom Line: the very last " business" you want to recruit to Wyoming in this critical post-pandemic rebuilding era is the NRA. Gun nuts all ...

Scott Conger

I agree with everyone of Gordon's sentiments stated within this article, with the exception of bringing the NRA to Wyoming. Absolutely no good will come from bringing LaPierre and his clutch of snakes on the board, anywhere near decent people. Corruption in the NRA has rendered it worse than useless; it is now a good example of everything bad in a corrupt and ineffective organization. There are several other far more worthy and trustworthy organizations with the same or similar corporate purpose to woo.

Joe Whittaker

Bingo Scott! Until LaPierre is out, they won't get another dime from me. They're the swamp we need to get rid of. GOA, SAF, and JPFO do far more for gun owners than the NRA has in recent time.

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