An older Park County man with COVID-19 and pre-existing conditions died last week, Wyoming Public Health announced Thursday.

He is the second county resident to die after testing positive for coronavirus.

He had not been hospitalized for treatment.

Deaths among Wyoming residents are added to the state’s coronavirus-related death total based on official death certificate information and the location of the person’s permanent residence.

Deaths among Wyoming residents who pass away in other states are not counted in both states. If death certificates do not describe COVID-19 as either causing or contributing to a person’s death, those deaths are not included in Wyoming’s count of coronavirus-related deaths.

There two people hospitalized at Cody Regional Hospital with COVID-19 as of Friday, while Powell has 11 active cases and Cody seven.

Park County Public Health Officer Dr. Aaron Billin said Friday sewage testing now estimates the percentage of people using the Cody municipal sewage system that are shedding SARS-CoV-2 has increased to 1.6%. 

This correlates with the increase in lab confirmed cases in Cody. Billin said the City of Powell will be coming online with sewage testing shortly.

There have been 203 cases of COVID-19 in the county and 183 have recovered.

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I'm no fan of Mr. Jones, but the comments about his innocuous comment are both insensitive and insulting. "Piece of garbage?" That's better than what Jones said? And had he started out by saying, "I'm sorry this man died," you would have been fine with the rest of his comment? Don't think so.

A Cody Voice

Just to be clearer... this man was a human being who may have had pre-existing conditions but when he contracted Covid those conditions made his survival outlook much the bleaker (May he R I P.)

That’s what we KNOW about how this virus works, and despite the fact that this article has been written to downplay his death, effectively giving reasons to why he could have died while at the same time having Covid, and despite the fact that Jim Jones has the gall to use his skewed personal political views to pronounce whose life is worth living or not, this was a human being, a resident of our town, and he deserves better than this kind of political hackery.

It leaves me heartsick to see the same people who talk about being pro-life saying that it’s okay for nearly 200,000 Americans to die because they were ‘old’, had high blood pressure, diabetes or any number of health problems that can make recovery for Covid19 much harder, or impossible.

People’s lives and relationships matter - ALL of them, and although it has become expected to see responses like this to any article about Covid, imagine if you are one of the victim’s family members?

Its simply time that Jim Jones, and others like him found themselves a little empathy and basic decency.

How’s about you even just start your response with ‘I’m sorry to hear this man has died’ ??

Jim Jones

Just to be clear, this man died after testing positive. He did not die of Covid-19.

Fox Blue River

I knew you would come on here with some insensitive comment or two or five. What is wrong with you? You are a piece of garbage Jim Jones.

Fox Blue River

Just to be clear, you aren't a doctor and have absolutely no business posting half the comments you do.

Jim Jones

So Zac, was the 92 year old woman from Meteetsee who moved to a retirement home in Montana, contracted Covid-19 in Montana and died in Montana a valid Park County Covid-19 related death? What is the definition of Park County resident?


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