There is a display of the Twin Towers made of books at the Cody Library. (Courtesy photo)

Everybody has a story about Sept. 11.

That was the idea the Cody Library staff focused on as they created a series of tributes to those who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks that day and those who rushed to the rescue.

For the entire month of September, there will be displays set up around the library with the purpose of educating about what happened on the day and a look to the future.

People created towers made of books to represent the World Trade Center towers struck by two commercial airplanes, as well as the smaller towers of the complex.

And books are arrayed on a table telling of the people in New York or Washington D.C. that day, as well as those who forced another plane to crash in a Pennsylvania field.

But, there’s also a wall where people are able to place sticky notes that relate their experience of that day.

It’s called, “Where Were You? What’s Your Story?”

Kelly Tamblyn, who works in technical services at the library, put it together.

““Well, for me, it really is about the stories,” she said. “Not only does every story have a story, but every person has a story too. All ages either experienced it or heard tales, watched video, lived in a post 9/11 world.”

She said people walked up to share their stories even as they were setting up the display.

“That is still happening as people notice it each day,” she said. “Some are writing them down and sticking them on the board and some are not. If children don’t recognize it, they ask what it is and someone is there to enlighten them.”

Library manager Nicholle Gerharter said the various organizations she took flyers to, such as the VFW, Elks and Eagles, were very appreciative the library was remembering and acknowledging the 20th anniversary.

There are documentaries and other films available to watch in various rooms throughout the day, books to take home and posters describing the events.

Then, there’s the opportunity for people to add their own story.

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