Sheri Schutzman

Sheri Schutzman

Now that her youngest daughter is a senior in high school, Sheri Schutzman feels like she finally has time to pursue something she had been interested in for a long time. 

“With four daughters, I didn’t have time” to be on the school board, Schutzman said. 

Though the time commitment for the school board may have been out of her reach, Schutzman has more than a decade of volunteer experience working with the district in various capacities. She’s volunteered with parent groups at Eastside and Cody Middle School, served seven years on the softball board, and currently works with the Booster Club at Cody High, something she’s done for the last five years. 

“I’ve always been involved with kids. It’s just my passion,” the Cody High grad said. “If I had to do things over, I probably would have been a teacher.”

Schutzman’s career path, instead, took her to banking, a field she’s worked in for 28 years. As for why she’s now running for the board, she wants to see what she can bring to the table. 

“I’m always willing to learn new things,” Schutzman said. “I know it’s a big learning process. I’m not afraid of a big challenge.”

If elected, she doesn’t have a specific agenda, but wants to help the school continue to face the challenges posed by a pandemic and deal with a possibly reduced budget in the near future. 

“We don’t know how long this will last with COVID,” Schutzman said. “We don’t know what cuts we’ll have to make or when the money from the state won’t be as much.”

She wants to ensure that teachers are included in the decision-making process, especially with budget cuts. She also favors taking a more hands-off approach to governance, preferring to keep the board focused on the high-level aspects of running a school district and leaving the administrators to focus on the day-to-day operations of each building. 

“I don’t want the board to be micromanaging any issues that come up, with parents or teachers or anything,” she said. “I’d like to see them go through the proper channels. Maybe not so much teachers, but parents. I think their first choice is not automatically ‘Go to the school board.’”

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