A Cody man was arrested on Nov. 3 on five counts of public indecency after exposing his genitalia to four different females working at two different drive-thru coffee kiosks in Cody between Sept. 14 and Nov. 1 – with the most recent incident spurring the barista to throw hot water onto his genitals in the drive-thru.

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Sadie Howard

Good for her! I certainly hope she faces no charges. I do wonder why it took that many times before this “man” was arrested? Especially if he was a failed offender?

Carol Bunn

Dewey, sometimes you need to think of more people besides yourself.

Dewey Vanderhoff

Carol- I was certainly thinking of anyone under 16 years old who might read this explicait reportage. And of course any adult prudes who might also come across it and see the mark of the Devil or somesuch . As someone who spent over 5o years in the journalism trade , I question why this was exactingly published at all in the Cody market . It would have not seen daylight elsewhere. Please do not try to do my thinking for me...

Kat Jo

Good on her! It's unfortunate it had to happen so many times before he was arrested. He definitely has a pattern of very dangerous and concerning behavior.

Bobbie Hostetler

Agree! I hope the water was “latte” hot!

Dewey Vanderhoff

Too...much ... information...

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