The preferred spot for the amphitheater is on a butte overlooking much of the land. (Courtesy photo)

A building application has been submitted for a proposed 70,684-square-foot amphitheater at Kanye West’s West Lake property.

The facility, described as the “West Meditation Space Large Impact Structure” by Park County Planning and Zoning, will come before the P&Z Commission on Tuesday.

John Skolnick submitted the application Oct. 21 on behalf of Psalm 2019 Limited Liability Company, the same organization associated with West’s purchase of the ranch. On Nov. 7, this business changed its name with the Wyoming Secretary of State to Psalm Cody Ranch LLC.

According to submitted documents, the amphitheater will be a circular, concrete design measuring 280 feet in diameter. It will take up 1.6 acres of space. The ground will slope downwards to the center of the circle.

It is being considered for construction on a flat plain sitting atop a butte, overlooking the surrounding land. An alternate site much closer to preexisting structures on the ranch is briefly mentioned in the application but is not discussed for the rest of the application.

A geotechnical report was also submitted with documents by GeoScience PLLP, a geotechnical engineering firm based out of Billings.

One aspect GeoScience noticed about the proposed site is that it has been affected by rockfall in the past.

“It is obvious that in the past, large boulders have dislodged from the sandstone cliffs and slopes below, and have rolled or slid downhill,” the county report said.

In order to have the amphitheater approved, West is applying for a special use permit for what the county considers a large impact structure. He must get an SUP for this project as it is required of any building larger than 10,000 square feet in the General Rural 20-Acre zoning district the ranch sits on.

One of the recommendations county staff has already applied to the project is building of a 175-spot parking lot to accommodate visitors to the facility.

At its meeting, the commission will make a recommendation for how the Park County Commissioners should rule on the project. The meeting starts at 6 p.m.

According to court documents two cabins were approved for construction at the ranch in 2018. A one-day permit was issued for a concert there that summer as well, but that took place at a different location than the proposed amphitheater, on the far east side of the property.

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barbed wire bliss

Thank you to the Cody Enterprise for keeping us informed on what is going on in our community. If that means reporting on what changes Kanye West may be bringing to life as we know it in Cody, then so be it. For those who object to reading about Kanye, stop your narcissistic whining and simply move on to the next article. Nuff said.


This will continue being headline news because, well...


Come on people 😒, the Cody I live in gives everyone a chance.


Gladiatorial combat would bring lots of tourists to Cody.


Well hey - he's going to be, by his own words, the 2024 President of the United States, his story is now on home page NBC news featuring his Cody ventures - probably others; so yeah, people I guess are paying attention. Also, did you know Cody is going to grow cotton too? It will be fun to watch how the transportation plays out for all this industry. Wyoming has no real transport other than the coal/train lines, and that's no where near Cody.

Fox Blue River

Can cotton be grown here?


The commentary here as expected is as humorous as watching blind people having a dart tournament. So here's my one-eyed toss: If Kanye put in a couple roper stalls and stock pen at his amphitheater and had calcutta team roping on Wednesday evenings, nobody in Cody would say an ill word. Rodeo is King around here, right ? After all , his last name is West . Isn't that good enough for y'all ?

Disgusted taxpayer

FDR once said..."The only thing we have to fear itself." What happened to someone doing as they desire on their own property,or is just more hypocritical selective-ism?


I am so excited! I don't mind the "TMZ-like news" The information and possibility are giving people in this area new prospects. I respect being self-aware, meditating for your mind and body. This goal isn't about Kayne. They aren't making this decision and paying to bring their ambitions to life just to get attention. I commend this effort.

barbed wire bliss

"It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” ---– Charles Darwin


Would be better if Kanye spent some time learning about our ecosystem and appreciating what our natural spaces have to offer before building 2 acre concrete monstrosities.


has our lil' local paper turned into the Kanye Enterprise? Most of us don't give a dang on what Kanye and his crew do or don't do. There's real news out there, folks. Go seek it


Does his every move warrant a front page article? This is becoming more like TMZ everyday


From what I understand and from looking at the documents on the county's website, this is not an "amphitheater". This is a 70,000 sf concrete dome that will be buried in the hillside for private use/meditation.

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