Gov. Mark Gordon announced Wyoming’s current public health orders will remain in place through Aug. 15 as cases of COVID-19 continue to rise in the state.

“It is important for all of us to remain vigilant as we continue to see case numbers increase statewide,” Gordon said. “We are approaching a critical time for our state’s economy. So far, Wyoming has been able to keep our businesses open and our citizens safe. That’s good for our economy and good for the health of our people.”

He said maintaining social distancing or wearing a mask when not able to do so, was crucial to staying open.

“If you’re dead set on taking down Wyoming’s economy, don’t wear a mask,” he said. “As we look towards the fall, we must remember that continued business expansion is a fragile thing and depends on each citizen doing their best to keep our economy flourishing. I sincerely thank those Wyoming citizens who are taking action to keep our businesses open by voluntarily wearing a mask when you can’t socially distance.”

Public Health Order No. 1 has been updated to provide more specific guidelines for school operations. This includes a continuation of the existing requirement that students wear face coverings in situations where 6 feet of separation cannot be maintained. Specific exemptions are listed in the orders. 

The Wyoming Office of Homeland Security and Wyoming Department of Education partnered to distribute 500,000 cloth face coverings to school districts around the state. 

Over the past 14 days, Wyoming has averaged 37 lab-confirmed cases of COVID-19 per day, with 523 new cases confirmed since July 12. From June 28-July 12, Wyoming averaged 28 new cases per day and there were 385 lab-confirmed cases reported. On July 28, the state reported 64 lab-confirmed cases, the highest single-day total since the pandemic began.

“We are starting to move up pretty aggressively and that’s very concerning,” Gordon said.

The Wyoming Department of Health and the governor continue to recommend the use of face coverings in public settings where it is not possible or reasonable to stay physically apart. On Wyoming’s COVID-19 dashboard, the categories of number of new cases and new hospitalizations continue to be rated “Concerning.”

The continuing orders allow gatherings up to 50 persons in a confined space to occur without restrictions and permit events of up to 250 persons with social distancing and increased sanitization measures in place. Faith-based gatherings such as church services and also funeral homes will continue to be permitted to operate without restrictions, with appropriate social distancing encouraged. The public health restrictions that apply to restaurants, bars, gyms and performance spaces will remain in place.

As of July 28, Wyoming has recorded 2,136 lab-confirmed positive cases of COVID-19, 453 probable cases and 26 deaths.

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My bad. I forgot everyone has the same health issues.


When did you get your medical degree and how long have you practiced medicine?


“If your dead set on taking down Wyoming’s economy, don’t wear a mask,”

That IS quite an interesting statement (and I assume he said "you're"). I wonder why he didn't say, "If you're dead set on taking down Wyoming's economy, just keep inviting thousands of people from other states to vacation here." Seems to me that would have quite a bigger impact on the spread of covid than a few local people not wearing masks. I have nothing against wearing masks, but this kind of hysteria and fear mongering needs to be held in check. What would be interesting to see is some figures on how many diehard mask wearers and mask proponents have contracted the virus.


Hundreds of thousands of doctors, and nurses, whom wear masks, everyday, they prove that they work ! If they did not we would have hundreds of thousands of dead doctors, and nurses !


"If you are dead set on taking down Wyoming's economy, don't wear a mask" ... what a bully. There are some Wyoming citizens who, due to medical conditions, cannot wear a mask yet we are scorned and judged as individuals who are selfish and uncaring. Who is really doing the judging here?

Fox Blue River

I have to 100% call BS on that, besides anyone with a breathing problem can wear a face shield.

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