City planning and zoning board members recently approved changes to a couple of commercial buildings housing franchise businesses in Cody.

Wilder Enterprises recently received permission to redo the outside of Subway at 1917 17th St. in the Eastgate Center.

City planner Todd Stowell attributed the update request to corporate modifications.

Plans are to remove fake stone and replace it with a rock wainscot. Stucco will go above the windows and up to the soffit. The building’s top section will be repaired and recolored to off-white with green accent stripes.

The restaurant’s logo sign is white, yellow and green. If there’s a request to change the sign, city staff will review the proposal to ensure standards are met.

Walmart on the West Strip asked for a special exemption to change its liquor store sign, further increasing total wall sign area by about 14.4 square feet for a total 585.7 square feet.

The P&Z approved replacing a “Liquor” sign with “Wine and Spirits,” which thereby increases the number of words and size of letters.

No one spoke at a May 26 public hearing. Of 14 neighboring property owners notified by mail, the city received one letter of support and one letter of objection.

The person against the special exemption argued Walmart already has a sign for the liquor store and the new sign would exceed the allowable amount.

“Only one negative response out of 14 is interpreted as evidence that overall, there is no significant undesirable change or detriment to neighboring properties from this proposal,” Stowell wrote in the agenda summary.

He said the new, larger sign would not create significant compatibility issues. The increase is “relatively minimal” and similar to the previously authorized sign in color and design, he said.

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