As cases of COVID-19 in the county have risen dramatically, Park County’s public health officer is attributing most of the increase to community spread.

“Contact tracing shows that most of these new cases are due to community transmission,” Dr. Aaron Billin said Monday on Facebook. “That is, this increase is due to spread of COVID-19 already in our county (most are not aware of where they caught it). People are gathering without masks or social distancing.”

In the last five days active cases are up more than 140% to 86 cases – 40 in Cody.

There have been 359 county residents who have had the virus, with 263 recovered and two deceased.

The rise in cases has led to a number of changes at Cody Regional Health, the latest of which was to temporarily shut down laboratory services at Cathcart as the building is being used to accept more patients with respiratory illness.

All Cody Regional Health patients with a doctor’s order will need to receive testing at CRH’s main West Park Hospital campus.

Laboratory hours will still be Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Patients in need of walk-in laboratory testing will now need to arrive at the main entrance of West Park Hospital and be screened in order to enter. Labs will be drawn across from their main laboratory department in the chapel in order to meet staffing demands during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are doing our best to keep our services up and running for the communities benefit, but our team is experiencing a high volume of laboratory testing at the moment,” laboratory director Jeanine Brus said in a release. “With an increase in COVID-19 testing demands we are not able to keep both lab sites running simultaneously. We hope that by moving our testing to one location we can better meet demands.”

So far, the Cody School District has avoided much disruption with few infections reported among students this semester and Billin said contact tracing has not revealed any cases transmitted in the schools. 

“However, we are aware that some parents are sending their kids to school sick,” he said. “While some of these are infections that we normally see this time of year (common colds, strep, bronchitis, etc.), we are concerned that this may jeopardize the schools and their extracurricular activities.”

Patients experiencing COVID-19 symptoms including shortness of breath, chest pain, palpitations or other more serious symptoms should go to the closest ER or call 911.

For further questions about COVID-19 testing call (307) 578-2000, visit or

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Let's all remember that we are wearing mask and we are social distancing and the primary reason isn't political. It is to keep ICU beds. The other parts are nice but you really don't want to overwhelm the hospitals. Italy did that, and those were some circumstances you don't ever want to face. Everything else is nice and commendable but this ain't political. Cody is not a major city, not like you can just run to the next hospital down the road. Whatever your views are on the virus or political....over run the hospitals and EMS system and things get ugly fast.

Mike J

Our opinions are only as good as our information source.

Bad information in, bad opinions out.

Most people passively absorb the media that bombards them. This seems normal and reliable until you actively research any topic from other, non-mainstream sources. Now you see information that you never received.

Omission is the biggest lie.

If you don't do your own active research, you only know what you're told.

What of everything else that you're never told? Just because you're not aware of it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

If you receive your information passively, and loudly broadcast your "opinions," you look like a total idiot to those of us who actively, deeply research our own answers.

If you share your opinions in a low-key, civil way, you're still less informed, but at least you only look like a lovable, gullible knucklehead.

But in both cases, you become a useful idiot for the people who gain from an under-informed public. You are licking the boots of oppressors which enables them to abuse your neighbors who know better.

No one is an authority on everything. But some are much greater authorities on the major topics of the day than you.

Give them a little quiet and attention to prove it.

Then do your own research and become your own expert!


The politicizing of a virus is really more sickening than the virus itself. People, it is a VIRUS. Do you understand how small a VIRUS is? A mask is NOT going to stop the spread of a virus, which by now should be pretty obvious, and it's just plain ignorant to think it will (or even can). It may help slow the spread, but it is absolutely no guarantee that you are not going to eventually get the virus, so stop the fear mongering and divisiveness, and let's all act like grownups.


You are 100% right on the size of the virus and mask isn't going to stop it. The thing to consider is that the virus isn't out an about on it's own, it rides on those little bits of water that are expelled as we talk, sing, yell. Those are the things that the mask can block and thus the virus. That is why in the beginning of the pandemic they were finding out breaks among choir and singing groups. You are also right in that this is to politicized. Do you think for one minute the virus is asking what political party you are in before it infects you? No.

barbed wire bliss

Note to self:

1. Wear a mask.

2. Maintain social distance.

3. Don't drink Cody sewage.


Liberal #1: "Guys, this isn't political."

Liberal #2: "All conservatives are sociopaths."

Sounds about right.


This proves that COVID-19 prevalence is increasing in Park County through community spread. To prevent a major outbreak. I realize that Wyoming citizens, being GOP supporters, disagree with mask mandates and business/school closures. However, as a former ER nurse for ten years, now disabled with an autoimmune disease, I would hope that Wyoming citizens would be more respectful and willing to protect and care about their fellow citizens, family members, their own health and follow the CDC recommendations by wearing a mask when in public, social distancing and hand washing . This disease doesn’t care if your Democrat or Republican. EVERYONE is at risk, not knowing if they will have a mild case and recover or if they will end up in the hospital on a ventilator and possibly die. EVERYONE can spread the disease to their families, loved ones,, coworkers and the general public.

Wearing a mask is NOT a political statement. It is a statement that you care about(respect your fellow Wyoming citizens! Just because Trump got special compassionate release antibody treatments and says he’s recovered, even though he won’t release the majority of information about his testing, medical treatments and his current COVID-19 test results,, plain old citizens will not be able to get those treatments to have this “miraculous “ recovery. You are just as likely to end up hospitalized or on a ventilator or dead.

PLEASE think about your fellow citizens and loved ones if you don’t care about your own health.. It doesn’t matter who you supporting the election or what political party you support you. Willful ignorance will cause increased spread and hospitalizations/ventilator uses and deaths.

Fox Blue River

"I would hope that Wyoming citizens would be more respectful and willing to protect and care about their fellow citizens"

I like you Dee, but you and I both know caring about other people's well being isn't the conservative Republican way. Just look at the sociopathic style of their leader, absolutely nothing is important unless it benefits or effects him directly; people around here seem to be following that example more and more.


Fox the only way liners want to help others is with other peoples money, I will match my help with yours anyway of the week


liners should be liberals

Karma C

Good morning, Dee. First, I want to tell you how sorry I am that you have an autoimmune disease. I had an ex-boyfriend who had a double lung transplant in his 30s, and he lived with the knowledge that any small illness could kill him at any time. He made his personal choice to continue to travel, to work outside the home and to live life the best he could...but that was his choice. And I understand that other people would prefer to remain at home in order to preserve any days of living. That's a choice.

I have been living in Southern California for the past 8 years. We were the first state to lock down, our lockdown is still pretty strict, and masks have been mandated here since early April.

I do not think that it makes me unfeeling or cruel to say that the 99.9% survival rate of this virus does not seem to justify that I have lost all my income for this year, I have seen multiple small business owners lose everything they have worked for, I have friends and family struggling with the fact that otherwise bright kids are missing any kind of education, and playgrounds are closed, because it is too dangerous to play outside.

Your statement that "you are just as likely to end up hospitalized or on a ventilator or dead" is not scientific. There is no 50% survival rate here. If there were, I would be all for lockdowns and full PPG for everyone. However, that's not the case.

Instead of celebrating recoveries and being happy to learn that our bodies are learning to fight this, that it rarely spreads by touching surfaces, and that the vast majority of people shake it off like a common cold (also a coronovirus), people seem determined to want to shame anyone who acts like it is anything less than ebola.

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